Professional Growth: Top Ten Skills Needed for Success In Todays World of Work

Today we are talking about ten essential job and life skills that are a must in todays world of work to remain competitive, grow and drive your life and career to meet your financial goals.  Most of these come with time, energy, experience and just putting in the hours on the job learning.  As a high school teacher trying to prepare students for how they want to work, live and play after graduation I always spend time teaching these ten principles, having them complete job skill assessments, personal inventories, learning style inventories and identifying their strengths and areas of opportunity.  We all have specific areas of strength that guide our daily work ethic and help to deliver results needed to be successful on the job and in the career.

We all have areas of growth or opportunity areas that we must also attack and work to grow as these may be holding us back in life, on the job and in relationships.  Taking an active role in understanding your current skill set, being open and honest to feedback and setting a plan to grow is a must in todays world.  We all live, work and play in a very fast paced world that has changed a bunch over the years.  Technology and automation pretty much drive everything now so there has to be an emphasis on those skills for sure.  Most of students are wiz kids at using social media applications and other fun entertainment systems.  However, most of them are clueless on actual applications that are used on the job such as word, power point, coding apps, google docs, etc.  

With all this said below is a short list of the ten things that will help you grow, make more money and compete in the 21st Century and beyond.

1- Communication Skills- I am not talking about social media apps.  I am talking about actual conversation with a person.  Having the ability to write an email that is professional and to the point.  Being able to look someone in the eye, acknowledge them and stay on task while having a conversation.

2- Problem Solving Skills- Can you react to situations, problems, setbacks and other events without being a drama queen or king.  Can you overcome problems in life, work, relationships and deal with these in a positive and contributing mannerism.  Many young people do not have the social skills to solve problems, so work on this area constantly to grow.

3- Teamwork- Are you a team player or a rogue employee?  Many of our new generation have been raised to think life is al about them and they are number one. Bringing this mentality into a job often results in the issues I have already addressed and will be adding.  Suddenly, they are part of an organization with team goals, corporate slogans, ideals and requirements and it can be challenging for self-centered people.  Put your kids in little leagues, bands, groups, YMCA and urban leagues to teach them they are part of the big world and the skills to contribute as a team member for the greater good of all.

4- Initiative- Do you take care of things without being told what to do?  Are you driven to deliver results without people overseeing you and telling you what to do, how to do it and when?  Will you step up and be a leader in the office, job and in life when the opportunity presents itself.  Taking initiative is a key to success in life.  Those that try to manage career, family and life without pressing forward into it often struggle.  Build initiative by making small positive changes in your lifestyle and seek opportunity to grow this area.

5- Analytical Skills- Can you analyze things, data, problems and situations to find a solution or seek opportunities to make them better.  Being able to dive into data, information, knowledge, and read about topics of interest is key to success.  Being analytical requires to see the opportunity, analyze the information, make a list of possible fixes and implement the solution.  Work to grow these skills as you press forward in life.

6- Professionalism- Are you a consistent professional with all the things listed above and below?  Do you have integrity, do you take responsibility for your actions and behaviors?  Do people want to be around you, work with you and feed off of your positive vibes?  Being a professional in the way you dress, speak, act and behave is likely the number one key to holding a career job and moving forward.

7- Leadership- What is your interest in leading people, organizations, community and businesses?  Leadership skills are developed on the job, at home, by taking classes, going to seminars and many other ways.  Leaders are are not demanding, overbearing or aggressive to the point of being a jerk.  Leaders are empathetic, understanding, share knowledge, grow their peoples skills and hold themselves and those around them accountable.  Developing leadership skills is the way to growth, more money, responsibility and being out in front of the competition.  Work on your leadership skills constantly, never take a day off from it and grow.

8- Detail Oriented-  Are you a detail person or scatter brained?  We are all wired different way but being detail oriented especially in a job with those requirements is key to a long and lasting career.  Is your level of work and detail of high quality that delivers results needed and required by your boss, company or customers.  Delivering on time commitments, promises and contracts is huge to making $ and growing your own business, growing on the job or building an empire.

9- Digital Technology- Most employers deliver the training required for on the job production, applications, machines, computers and programs needed to complete work assignments.  Growing your digital skills will enable you to take them with you and are always transferrable to other occupations, jobs and self employment interest.  Grow these skills, utilize them and think out of the box when learning new digital skills and never go into an interview and refer to snapchat, Instagram and other apps as digital skills needed on the job.  

10- Adaptability- Are you adaptable and adjust to change quickly?  Can you take quick feedback, assignments and challenges and go after them quickly, orderly and deliver results.  Do you stress out easily when change hits you or do you attack it, think about it, breath and overcome?  Learn to adapt to nature, jobs, weather, career moves, challenges, sickness, health, body, mental and spiritual issues.  Grow this skills and you can overcome all of the things on this list and become the most productive career, family and community oriented person possible.

I wish you all the best, hope for your continued success, growth and opportunity in the world.  Focus on your strengths, grow your areas of opportunity and live, work, and play with vigor and always be intentional.

God Bless! Coach B


One response to “Professional Growth: Top Ten Skills Needed for Success In Todays World of Work”

  1. I’m starting to learn that problem solving skills are key in life, not just for yourself, but so that you can be of value to whoever you’re with. It involves taking ownership of situations and trying to solve them, instead of avoiding tough situations or trying to sweep them under the rug. Thanks for sharing!


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