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  • Spirit Chronicles: Mom and Dads Wedding

    I went to sleep praying for a vision of my parents. I said goodnight to my parents whom I lost many year ago hoping to see them. Mom and dad as usual came through strong with a grand vision of their wedding day and the events that took place. I was transported to a church […]

  • Who Is God

     I see so many people on the internet, news and in public that are so against God and the concept of who he is and what he means to those that believe in him. I wonder what happened to them along the way that made them so angry, hositle, and against the light of God. […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: Bombs and Big Cities

    Spirit Chronicles: Bombs and Big Cities

    I had a vision of bombs and big cities. The largest cities in the world, millions of people all being destroyed by bombs. I saw foreign languages and signs flashing in the air showing me the different languages and regions of the world. I couldn’t read the languages but knew the pictures represented Asia, North […]

  • Big Dreams Require Big Effort

    Big Dreams Require Big Effort

    I here people talking about their dreams and ambitions.  I ask students at school what they are going to do when they graduate high school and get these answers.  I am going to be a doctor, lawyer, scientist, professional football player, pro basketball player, police officer, fire fighter and so many more.  I love to […]

  • You Don’t Have to See It, To Believe It

    You Don’t Have to See It, To Believe It

    Today I was thinking about some recent changes in my life that are spiritual, mental and emotional.  These changes are all positive and something that cannot be seen by the eye.  Sure, people may be able to sense or see a difference in a persons attitude or behavior.  However, changes like these are internal and […]

  • Nobody loves Me like You love Me Jesus

    Nobody loves Me like You love Me Jesus

    Today I woke up after a very restful night of sleep.  I had positive dreams, slept well and only had to get up a time or two for the bathroom. However, I was not feeling very motivated and seemed to be a bit testy and unappreciative of where I was at that moment in my […]

  • Life Lessons- My First Truck A Hot Wheel

    Life Lessons- My First Truck A Hot Wheel

    When I was fifteen years old I saw a truck down the road from my parents house and since I was approaching 16 and getting my drivers license I told my parents I wanted that truck. Every time we passed by it I would say something about that truck. As my birthday approached mom and […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: Ephesians 6:10-18

    Spirit Chronicles: Ephesians 6:10-18

    Lastnight I had a vision that I was being attacked spiritually from all sides of my body. I tried to block it with a force shield but that failed. I heard laughing, crying, screaming and other terrible noises coming at me. I saw spirits standing all around me trying to get me to give into […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: The Lady In Purple

    Spirit Chronicles: The Lady In Purple

    I was laying in bed a few nights ago half asleep and I felt someone standing beside the bed. I looked up and there stood a woman in a purple robe. She was older probably in her 70’s of medium built. She had shoulder length gray hair and a nice skin tone. She was standing […]

  • Daily Bread: Living A Fruitful Life

    Daily Bread: Living A Fruitful Life

    Today’s reading and word is from Galatians 5, verse 22-23 and it speaks about the fruit of the spirit. This is in reference to a Godly spirit that we can have if we choose to seek his guidance in our lives. The verse lists the following things that are vital to being a good person, […]

  • Family: Covid Christmas 2020

    Family: Covid Christmas 2020

    This year will be a Covid Christmas. One like we have never seen, but it still can be awesome and filled with celebration, hope, faith and fellowship.

  • Motivational: Winning In Life Mindset

    Winning in Life requires a mindset of dedication, determination and discipline. Today we discuss overcoming challenges and winning at life.