Daily Bread: Living A Fruitful Life

Today’s reading and word is from Galatians 5, verse 22-23 and it speaks about the fruit of the spirit. This is in reference to a Godly spirit that we can have if we choose to seek his guidance in our lives. The verse lists the following things that are vital to being a good person, a Godly person, a caring person and most importantly a fruitful person. The old saying we reap what we sow comes into meaning with this reading for me. If we sow love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, and self-control then we will reap a great reward. Those that we are around will be influenced to live a fruitful and prosperous life.

We all have the capability and choice to be good or to be rotten. Sometimes we fall in between, but the choice to be destructive to others, hate, create chaos, be impatient, unkind, unfaithful, and lack self control is the result of habits and decisions we made and continue to make. Losing control of your life is noone’s fault but your own. God made us with the ability to chose and some chose good while others chose bad. We all face things that scar us emotionally, physically and spiritually in life. Some people do bad things to other people and these are hard to overcome, forgive and forget. But ultimately we have to decide how we react to life events and how we move forward with it.

If you have been damaged, hurt, broken, given up, lost control and are unforgiven then the time has come to face up to the past. Decide today that it is “right now” that you will go forward as a fruitful person. One that forgives, loves, is patient, kind, gentle, faithful, and controls your own destiny through good decisions. If it is a bad idea, then walk away from it. Release the past hurts, brokenness and pain by asking God to guide you, heal you and help you be a “new person”. Be fruitful and follow Gods lead and watch how your world will change.

Tips for moving on and being more fruitful:

1- Leave the past behind you. Forgive, forget and move forward. Living in the past destroys your opportunity to live in the present and future.

2- Kick old habits to the curb: Kick addictions, afflictions, bad habits, unhealthy habits, bad decision making skills and other things to the curb. Start fresh, set goals and monitor success daily. Be more intentional in your new habits with small changes and grow.

3- Stop worrying about tomorrow and live for today: We are not fruitful if all we see is the past or tomorrow. We must live today, make good decisions today, seek better relationships today, be more kind today. By living a fruitful life daily we can then create a future with no worry.

4- Do not be afraid to fail: We build bad habits, addictions, make poor decisions and often seek the easy way out because we are afraid to fail. Are we truly afraid to fail or are we afraid of what might happen if we work hard, set goals and actually change out current status of failure to success. Do not be afraid to have setbacks, pitfalls and other issues as you become more fruitful in life.

5- Seek Gods will and word in your life: God can cure all and can show you the light. He is the path to a more fruitful life. As I said in #4, do not be afraid to fail. Often people say “I don’t know about all that God stuff” or “I am not sure about God”. Well you will fail if your afraid to ask, seek and check it out. Give it to God by simply praying for help. Ask him to guide you, heal you and make you more fruitful and it will be so. Stay the course and watch your life change for the better!

You got this. You can do it. Be fruitful to yourself and others. Love, care, be kind, grow, pray, help out, watch over others, support them, be positive and God Bless!

Coach B

Galatians 5:22-23; But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law.

Motivational: Fight, Fight, Fight

2020 was a tough year for me physically as I was faced with multiple health conditions that truly tested my physical, mental and spiritual durability. As the year wound down along came the COVID 19 virus and it took major hold on me attacking my health, lungs and body. The biggest challenge was mentally as the virus took its toll on my breathing, energy levels and the other problems it created. It eventually becomes a mental battle when your energy levels are squashed and it wears you out just to take a bath, dress or walk into the kitchen.

We got sick about a week before Christmas Day and things escalated from there quickly. COVID started out slow but began to roll along and challenged my health quickly. Next thing you know, I am in the hospital like many people have been fighting for my health and future. As a career coach and teacher I have always spoken to my student athletes about being a fighter and suddenly I had to stand to my own words and fight. And a fight it has been and one that continues in the hospital as I type this blog post.

COVID is nasty and effects everyone differently and there were a few days, times and instances I wasn’t sure it was going to work out very well. All along I got very uplifting words of encouragement from my family, friends and peers telling me to fight. Yesterday one of my wrestlers called me and said “coach, your a fighter, hang in there, battle this and come home soon”. Oh the words of a 16 year old that is motivating a grown man with the same words of encouragement I have used on him after several matches he may or may not have won.

I constantly encourage my guys to stand strong and fight. There will be points in our lives when we are forced to fight, forced to stand, forced to meet obstacles head on. COVID will overwhelm you and make you quit if you are not tough and fight. For those that have fought the battle keep it up. And for those that have lost someone, I sincerely wish you blessings, mercy and guidance from God during these times. I found strength in his word and battled, fought and have kept a positive attitude so I can overcome this COVID mess and go home to my family, career, students and athletes.

Fight, Overcome, Battle, Win, Have Faith, Live Intentional, Hope for a brighter time and let’s whoop COVID 19!

God Bless! Coach B

Family: All I Want For Christmas 2020 and Beyond

My wife and I have grown kids and they are always asking us what we want for Christmas.  Many parents out there of grown children can relate to this dilemma and we all probably give the same answer over and over.  We say “I don’t know”, “I don’t want anything”, “I don’t need anything”, or my favorite which is “I just want to be with you on Christmas day”.  I sometimes even tell them “my two front teeth” just to get them riled up.  My wife and I are blessed and we really do not have anything on a list that we need.  Heck, we all have online ordering and next day delivery for all those things we want to buy.  I wrote yesterday about A Covid Christmas which is what we are celebrating this year as we all have Covid and are separated for the Holidays.  

We all have family traditions like gathering, eating, fellowshipping and sharing gifts with family and friends.  For years we have always opened one present Christmas eve as a family tradition.  We always decorate the family tree together and certain ornaments have to be placed in certain areas of the tree.  All of these traditions are what makes memories and family time that is unforgettable.  I remember all the family Christmas growing up to this day and many of the gifts I got.  With all this said, the wife and I really just want to see our kids and spend quality time with them year round as much as possible.  

We are fortunate that we currently live with our oldest daughter while we are selling our home and our youngest daughter comes over weekly to visit.  With that said, it sometimes still is not enough as we want to see them all the time.  They grew up so fast and have now become grown adults and are doing so well in life.  They are busy and stay on the go living their lives and we just want to be part of it as much as we can. They will one day understand how we fill and the urge to see your grown kids as much as possible.  So to my grown kids if you read this blog post today, please just come see mom and dad as much as you can.  Call, text, email or just stop by and we will be completely happy with that!

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and the blessings of God.  Remember the true present that was given to all of us for Christmas way back when and if you need a reminder go read the True Christmas Story listed below.

God Bless! Coach B

Luke 2: 4-19 The Christmas Story

Family: Covid Christmas 2020

This week my wife and I tested positive for the Covid 19 virus and are locked down at home for the Christmas Holidays.  We have been very careful to avoid people, mostly staying at home and using proper protective measures for months.  Our oldest daughter has it also and is stuck in Florida for the Holidays, while our youngest daughter is finishing up her covid lockdown from being positive a few weeks ago.  We have called all the family to advise that we cannot meet with them on Christmas day to eat breakfast, open presents, fellowship and most importantly celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  

This however does not mean that Christmas cannot be just as special because we will get together in a week or so when everything clears up and everyone is well enough to be safe to gather.  This Christmas will be unlike any we have ever experienced with covid lockdowns, infection rates spiking and the need to being safer than ever.  People are stuck at home, in nursing facilities, and hospitals with nobody able to visit with them or see them.  With this in mind, we all need to be openly praying for those lonely folks and feel blessed that we are not in that situation.  We will rise on Christmas morning, eat, drink some coffee and celebrate Christ as a couple.  

We can still celebrate this Covid Christmas season by using technology, video, texting, google meet, zoom calls, skype and all the other things that are available in this new age we live in.  You can ship your presents to the family and watch them open them up online using one of those technologies.  Or, you can do what we will do and that is wait and celebrate the family, fellowship and make new memories after the Holidays. May you all find blessings, make great memories and push forward into 2021 with hope, faith, love and be fearless.  God has this and it will all work out as he sees fit. Be safe, use common sense and make the best of a Covid Christmas 2020.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my readers.

God Bless, Coach B

Faith: Spending Time With God

Today I am writing about spending time with God and growing our spiritual connection with him. He seeks us out and we need to seek him in return.

Do you ever just stop and spend time with God?  I try to pray three times per day morning, noon and night to make sure I speak with God.  Sometimes I fail at that goal because life can get in the way.  The quantity of prayer in my opinion is not greater than the quality.  Doing ti three times a day allows me to focus on the things I need guidance on.  

Our spiritual needs can change in a minute, an hour or a day.  Give those to Fod and know that he has heard those and will action them for you.  God wants us to spend time with him, seeking his guidance for our lives, relationships and jobs. My favorite way to seek time with God is to go out behind my house and sit near a huge tree in the shade and talk to God.  

Maybe you have have your “quiet time” or devotional time or whatever we call it to seek guidance.  When you do seek God do it with conviction, with an open heart, mind and soul.  Do not half heartedly pray for things that are wants , but go after your needs.  Allow Hod to work through those and lead you to a finalization with them.  

Maybe you do not seek to speak with God daily, opting to only seek or call on him when we need him.  I am guilty of that myself, and work hard to avoid doing that.  God seeks us constantly and is consistent in sending us a still small voice. A dear friend of mine that is very spiritual and gifted once told me that “God shows us signs in small ways, doing small things as the day goes on”.  

With this I say we all look for God in our daily lives through small but meaningful events.  Could be emotional, physical or spiritual movements.  Might be someon holding the door for you or someone allowing you to pull into dead locked traffic.  Or it could be in a big way as well.  Seek him out as he seeks you and look, listen and learn how to connect to God in spirit.  

Deep down inside we desperately desire to connect with our Creator. And He wants to connect with us. Figuring out how to do that seems complicated, but it easier than we think. We have to get quiet and pray to God. After all, God is huge, mysterious and greater than us. He’s everywhere around us, yet we cannot see him.  

You may sit down with your friends and have a cup of coffee most days.  Do that with God, grab yourself daily brew, sit down and talk to God as you enjoy that warm cup of coffee.  Grab your lunch, go to a nice park and eat and think about God.  He thinks about us and loves us to come to him spoken and unspoken. 

Spending time with God daily allows us to tap into his wisdom, mercy and grace.  In return we get his love, guidance and direction in our daily lives.  That is how we see our lives change in ways that can seem hard to believe. We become more like God’s children as we spend time with him.  

Here are a few ways to spend time with God daily:

1- Schedule a set time and add an alarm in your calendar.  Do not avoid it, silence it or skip it.  Make God a priority. 

Would God silence or put you off?

2- Be consistent in those prayers and be open to building that relationship.  Just as your spouse, children and friends matter, so should God.

God is consistent, will you be?

3- Set goals for spiritual growth.  What do you want to accomplish with God.

You set goals for work, health, marriages, etc.  Don’t you think setting a goal for God is just as important?

4- Be hopeful and faithful in your time with God.  

Christ often went to solitary places to pray (see Matthew 14:23; Mark 1:35; Luke 6:12). Christ was the most powerful person to ever walk the earth, he was born of God and still sought him out.  Be like Christ and seek time with God, grow in spirit and abound with life.

Lord, I pray that you help me to find time for you. Quality time that is important and a priority. Seek me as I sell you and let’s connect at a higher level than ever before. Amen!

Faith: An Attitude of Gratitude

Gratitude is a word used to express how thankful we are for the actions of others and the blessings in our lives.  Our attitude is a choice that we make on a daily basis.  As humans we often fall short of having a good attitude and being grateful for the many blessings we have been given by God, family  and friends.  One thing is for sure and that is we cannot control the random things that happen to us (other people, flat tires, unexpected expenses, sudden emergencies, deaths, etc.).  What we can control is how we react to these life events and how we carry ourselves during and after these events.

The bible tells us that God is in control of all things earthly and in heaven.  He has a plan for us and wants us to be grateful for his countless blessings.  Even when suffering we can choose to have a positive attitude and be grateful for God’s blessings.  When we wake up to tough times, pray for God to give you the strength to go forward in your life with a constant thought of thankfulness.  Paul wrote that ungratefulness was wicked and unGodly.  I found myself today with an attitude of ungratefulness and had to pray and convict myself of being self-loathing and having a little pity party.

My wonderful wife and I have been on a health kick the last several months eating better, drinking lots of water and exercising.  We are seeing the benefits of all this activity and change in lifestyle one day at a time.  My wife has lost 35 pounds and looks amazing, while I am at 20 pounds and feeling much better.  The thing I was ungrateful for today was the last two weeks despite eating right, walking and drinking lots of water.  I am stuck at a certain weight and the scales just are not moving.  I found myself whining about the weight loss and not losing any the last few weeks.  What I failed to do was be grateful for the first twenty pounds I have dropped and honestly, for being alive.

I had a heart procedure a month or so ago and honestly am blessed to be alive at this point.  I had a 99% blocked main artery and my heart should have already stopped.  I wrote in a previous blog about that life event (Miracle on Old Town Road) and the miracle God sent me to save my life.  So I had to ask God for forgiveness and the strength to continue to work on my weight, heart health and overall attitude.  I needed a reminder that God provides more than a job, house, money, food, water and shelter.  He showers us with grace, mercy and blessings everyday we walk this earth.  I am a blessed man with an awesome family, friends, career and life and should be much more grateful to God for giving that to me.

He has already given us the ultimate attitude adjuster by sending his son to earth to live, die and rise up and offer us eternal life.  We must be grateful for that and thankful. After reading gratitude in the bible, talking to some friends and my wife.  I am going to take measure of my many blessings.  I am going to work on always having an attitude of gratitude.  In the end run, only you and God can adjust an attitude.  We choose to be grateful or ungrateful.  Trust in God, have a great attitude and be grateful for what he provides us whether it be big or small.  For all things will pass and we will be held accountable for our actions when the final bell tolls.

1- What blessings has God given you this year?

2- Are you a grateful person or are you ungrateful?

Colossians 3: 15-18 And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in one body. And be thankful. Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom, singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, with thankfulness in your hearts to God. And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him. 

Lord, please convict my heart and allow me to see all the many blessings you bestow upon me everyday.  Your love, grace and mercy are never ending and the gift of Jesus Christ alone should allow me to move my heart to an attitude of gratitude.  Amen

God Bless!  KB

Faith: The Love of God Through Our Beliefs, Actions and Attitudes

In today’s reading the message was about Paul and his faithful servanthood to God and people. Because of his beliefs he was criticized, beaten, imprisoned and left alone. Through all of these terrible actions, Paul remained faithful, obedient and determined to be successful at his goal. Not earthy goals, but heavenly goals built to reach as many people as he could. He saw an opportunity window of time and wanted to do what he could to spread the truth and help people see their deceitful ways and un-Godly behaviors, actions and attitudes.

Paul wanted to demonstrate the love of God through his actions, teachings and behavior. He stumbled at times as we all do, but always fought back never waving from his faith and message of Christ Love. He battled all the days of his life for his beliefs and that is a great example of how we can live our lives. In 2nd Timothy 3: 2-4 he talks about the ways of mankind in the end days. He lists attributes and behaviors like self loathing, boastfulness, pride and scoffing at God. Children being disobedient to parents, adults and ungrateful. Unloving, unforgiving and spiteful people creating a world of turmoil and chaos.

Does this sound familiar folks? Think about our current situation and how things have steadily declined, morals are slipping away and the family unit in chaos for so many people. Its time to wake up and take a stand for Godly values and be strong in it because opposition will come your way. Be strong of faith, do the right thing and know God will reward you for that. Some do not believe in God and will push their agenda of unGodly behavior, actions and deceitfulness on others. Our children often become who we are and live by the example that has been set for them.

All of these are choices that people will make. I assure you I am guilty of being human, getting mad, being upset, wanting money and success. But I have to temper that to make sure I don’t sell myself out to a lost way and forget the ultimate prize I seek. With this said, are you going to be like Paul and be strong of faith and carry yourself with Godly principles or will you chose the other “worldly” ways. Are you willing to be different and stand alone if need be? What is your goal and how will you carry yourself today?

For those fighting the good fight and following Gods word, keep it up and stay strong as that is becoming taboo in the world we face now. Its your choice and ultimately your responsibility when God calls you and your earthly time ends. The Devil is having his due and many are being deceived. If your not living what you consider to be the right way or want to know more about God. Ask him for help, open yourself up, surrender it all and watch what happens. You can chose your way or his, but I say chose wisely and be prepared for an accounting of those choices.

  1. Will you chose to be faithful to Gods words and trust in his grace mercy and guidance?
  2. Are you willing to take a strong stance against unGodly views and ways of the world.
  3. Will you demonstrate the love of God to others through you actions, behaviors and attitudes?

God Bless! KB

Travel: A Day in God’s Country- Molded Like Clay

Cindy and I spent the day riding in the North Carolina mountains enjoying the cool mountain air and the awesome scenery of the Blue Ridge Parkway. We were looking for great pictures opportunities and waterfalls to get some updated pictures for the family. We love to travel together and find waterfalls.

On our trip back down the mountain, we stopped in stopped at one of our favorite places that we took pictures at five years ago to get some updated pictures. We have both been working on our health and losing weight so it was a perfect time to get updated pictures. It would also show how we have changed the last five years. And we got some great pictures, especially of Cindy. She takes a much better picture than I do.

As I was snapping an awesome picture of my beautiful wife. She told me about growing up and flying with her dad over the mountains. Cindys dad Red was a pilot who loved to fly his Cessna 182 all over the state. Cindy flew with him frequently and their favorite trip was crossing the mountains. She told me it was if God had reached down with his hands and molded those mountains like clay. That comment from my wonderful wife made me begin to think.

When we stopped for the pictures, I noticed the scenery of that location had changed some as well. The trees had grown taller and the mountains were harder to see. The tree we loved five years ago was still there, waiting for us to get new pictures. The trip felt like a renewal of sorts. Getting into the high country always seems to set us straight and bring us back to an understanding of how wonderful Gods creations are. It calms and smooths us so we can relieve stress and re-energize.

I had prayed this morning about a topic to blog about, looking for something to write about today. I had thought about taking the weekend off and not writing today. It was getting later in the day and I told Cindy I wait until Monday. Those plans changed when Cindy told me about her dad and how God had molded those mountains like clay. Proof positive that our plans often may not be what God wants for us.

Her comments and memories triggered me to think about how God molds us like clay. We are a work of art, a special production made by him. A one of a kind priceless in his eyes. He uses his grace, mercy and guidance to mold us into what he wants us to be. Just like those mountains that have formed over millions of years. Carved into something wonderful. Something that brings joy to the world and a peace to the soul.

God is the great Potter and we are the pottery clay. I thank God for his messages and how he sends them to us in such a still small voice. I thank him for my awesome wife who prompted me to write today with such an insightful memory of her and her Dad Red.

Lord, thank you for this message, thank you for my wonderful, loving and super smart wife. I pray for your guidance for us as we go forward in life. Thank you for being my potter and helping me be the clay that can be molded into something special in your eyes.

God Bless! KB

Spirit Chronicle: Visited by Grandma Smith

Visited by Grandma Smith

In 1999 when my oldest daughter was about five years old I got up one night to go to the bathroom.  As I walked down the hallway, I heard her talking to someone.  Children that age often have an imaginary friend to entertain themselves so I didn’t pay much attention to it happening.  As I was coming back from the bathroom, I peeked my head inside the room and asked her who she was talking to.  She told me she was talking to Grandma Smith.

     Before I go any further, let me explain why this surprised me with her supposedly talking to Grandma Smith.  When Taylor was a baby, maybe four to six months old at the most Grandma Smith passed away.  Taylor was a baby and had been held by her Grandma a few times before she died.   She might have seen pictures but was so small and young she wouldn’t know who Grandma Smith was until a much older age.  With that background lets go back to the story of the heavenly visit from Grandma Smith.

     When I asked her who she was talking to, she said daddy I am talking to Grandma Smith.  I was confused and said, Taylor Grandma Smith is in heaven honey.  How can you talk to her if she is in heaven?  She looked at me and said, daddy there are two Grandma Smiths.  One in heaven and one standing right there beside you.  I did not know what to say, so I told her to try to get some sleep and it was awesome that Grandma was there with her. How do you react to that, I mean it takes some thought process and just time to process that.

     I went back to bed confused and wondering just what Taylor had been thinking and seeing.  I have had many encounters in my life with the spiritual world and to have my daughter seeing that was a little concerning. It didn’t concern me that she saw her Grandma, it was more of a concern that she may see other spirits that were not nice from the dark side. I have no doubt now that what she was seeing was Grandma Smith since Grandma was such a strong spirited lady that loved her grands and great grands more than anything.   We talked about it a few days later and the description I got and the way she says Grandma communicated led me to believe 100% that it was heavenly visit checking on Taylor.

Taylor never told me of any further instances of this as she got older. So this could have been a one time thing and being so young she was open to seeing spirits more likely. As we get older we tend to become more close minded about spirits, ghosts and things of that nature. I think Grandma was looking out for her and was checking in to see what she was doing and making sure she was safe. Our loved ones may leave this earlthy realm, but are always around us and watching over us bringing messages thru visits and dreams. I miss Grandma Smith but know that she is an angel looking out for her family and is now an old soul in heaven.

God Bless! KB

Daily Bread: Seeking God’s Grace

We have a huge pecan tree behind that house. That tree I would guess is atleast 200 years old. It is about ten feet around on the bottom and is very tall. It is where I go to talk to God and get back to nature. I can feel his presence with me when I am at the tree. It is in a sense my tree of life per se. God created that tree and it serves a beautiful purpose. It is like Gods grace as it gives shelter, shade and protection from storms, rain and wind.

God is that tree in our lives. He protects us from the storms of life, takes the wind, rain and problems away. He is a perfect God, the most awesome of all. He is powerful, abundant, unstoppable and makes everything possible. I want to seek Gods grace in my life. I am human and know that perfection is far from my goals. However, what I can do is seek his guidance, grace and mercy for all the days of my life.

He is constant, he is love, he is special and he is my God. Allow him to become your guide and watch the marvelous life you can and will live. Seek his face and see what happens. For he is the almighty that awards his grace to us through all our ineffectiveness and human flaws. God thank you for salvation and for being the light in my life.

Lord bless everyone that reads this message today. Give them grace, mercy and forgiveness. Allow them to forgive others and seek your guidance. I pray this in the name of your son and my savior Jesus Christ.


God Bless! KB