“B” Words That Define Successful Coaches. Leaders and People

Today in my mini series of successful words that describe great coaches, leaders and people in general I am using the letter “B”.  The other day I posted words on the letter “A” if you would like to go back and read that posting.  There are all kinds of words that start with B that help describe or define a person that is dynamic and a super leader of people.  A person does not have to be a coach, teacher, business owner or leader of an organization to possess these traits.  However, I am focusing this series on coaching, leading, mentoring, guiding and helping people become better than they are and how they are built up by these leaders.

I have worked with all kinds of people and most would get many of these B words as a descriptive to define their personality, behavior, actions and results.  While a few, well lets just say would be defined with other B words that are not so nice.  I choose personally to set a standard of being defined by positive words through my actions and behaviors (though sometimes I fall short).  Below are your B words for the day so try to think about which applies to you as you work to become better today than you are right now.

1- Leaders believe in themselves, their people and their goals and dreams.

2- Leaders are brave.  They take risks that others are not willing to take to accomplish their dreams and goals.

3- Leaders know how to balance work, home life, family and other obligations.  They have to maintain some form of normalcy to keep up with the daily grind of all the obligations set before them.

4- Leaders are often the best at what they do.  They shine, they outwork people, they utilize their skill set better others and it helps them be on top of their game.

5- Leaders are bright.  They are sharp minded, quick witted, smart, and use their experience, background, education and training to better others around them.  

6-Leaders are beautiful people.  I am not talking about looks, I am referring to personality, energy, excitement, shining light, bubbly and so many other ways.  People want to be around them, work and play for them.  

You can put together your own list of B words that describe you or others around you.  I hope those are positive words because we all know there could be some “b” words used to describe a person and their actions that are not so nice.  So lets be positive and keep it clean!


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