Spirit Chronicles: Her Name Was Penny (Penelope)

I was talking on a live stream that I do every Sunday evening where we discuss spiritual activity, ghosts, mystical creatures and other Unexplained things. A lady came into the chat room and began to ask me and another host about a friend of hers that had passed away in her 30’s. I asked her for a name and she told me Penny. Then she gave me the last name so all I had was Penny. I didn’t find out any other information until after the spiritual activity played out live in front of hundreds of people. I am not big on calling out to spirit that has moved on to the spirit realm (Heaven) and have not had much practice at it.

I have in the past called out and received messages from a loved one that died because I was concerned about her children that were left behind and their well being and spiritual menatlity. She came through and showed me what I asked her to and it was in the form of pictures and visions. That is my normal thing, I sense something and then later on will see a picture, sign, or hear a name. In the case of Penny I called out to her for information to help the person on my live stream. I told her that I could not make promises but would do what I could. I called out to Penny and after I did an advisor of mine that is very gifted was contacted by Penny and got some really strong details to share.

Penny had died from a rare illness that caused her to lose the use of her limbs. She was 38 years old, brown hair and was a devout Christian. I immediately sensed that she was wearing a brown hat and I saw an envelope so I asked the person if her name was actually Penelope (I put the name Penny together with the vision of the envelope) to make that thought process work. That is how it works for me typically as I saw a picture. Later that night I went to bed and said my prayers and asked Penny to present herself to me while I was asleep. About an hour into my sleep pattern I saw a woman wearing a brown cap with shoulder length brown hair. She had a cross on her upper cheek and was smiling at me.

I woke up and wrote down what had happened as this was the first time I actually saw the spirit I called upon. Later that night I was online doing my show the “Unexplained” with Coach B and the friend of Penny came back on the live. I asked her if she knew anything about a cross on the left cheek and a brown cap. She typed in the comments “wow” and told me she was crying. I asked why and she said that Penny had worn a small brown cap and had a cross on her cheek. That is how spirit works and it has been very active this week for me and I had two other cool instances occur also. Spirit reminds us that we may lose someone physically, but that they are always around us spiritually. Watching over us and taking care of us from the great beyond. Tonight as you go to sleep, Thank your loved ones past and tell them you appreciate them being with you. Rest easy knowing you are protected and covered by Heavenly spirit and Angels sent straight from God himself.

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