Sports: Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn

Winning at life is important to most people and it is a part of my life that I have lived for almost 30 years. As a coach I have worked hard, planned, sacrificed, bled, not slept, not eaten and all the other things extremely busy and hard working people do to get ahead.  Along that path I have won a bunch and had my share of losses.  The title shows what I am talking about today and that is how we learn from our setbacks. failures and mishaps.  We can work super hard, have the best plan, have the best athletes and still lose at times.  A game is a competition and that is decided by more than preparation, talent and execution.  One mistake, one turnover, one bad pitch, one three pointer, one point, one missed kick and so many other things can derail a win and turn it into a gut wrenching lose.  

We have to take those losses and view them as opportunity to improve for the next game, set, match, quarter, half and all those other things we play.  We have to learn from our failures to become a better coach, mentor, teacher, leader, business owner and person.  This is not just about football or wrestling.  It applies to life and how we react to setbacks and disappointments.  Can we take the information we learned, adjust our game plan and be more successful the next time we take the field or go to work.  Do we view it as totally derailing us or as the chance to overcome, climb back up, get off our backs, stand tall and fight for the next win.  

Life can be a battle and we must stand strong and face defeat, look it in the eye and conquer it or it will conquer us.  I see people with no drive, no fight and just lots of give up in them.  I see people that are fighters, that will never give up and will take the weak moments and make them into something stronger.  God will never give up on us and expects us to never give up on ourselves.  This past six months has offered me plenty of setbacks as it has many people.  I chose to win, fight, battle and learn instead of rolling over and taking the easy way out.  Doing that allowed me to feel value in myself, my actions, my behaviors and my results.  Learn from your mistakes, fix the failures, overcome self doubt and be a winner at life!

Coach B


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