Daily Bread: Five Ways To Experience Inner Peace

Today we talk about finding and maintaining inner peace. Inner peace is needed in a busy life full of family, work and recreational activities. This busy schedule we carry out day to day will eventually catch up with you and start to take away your inner peace. The stress of this day to day life often leads us to feeling tired, rundown, wore out and can impact out attitudes and relationships. Finding inner peace in what we do is a key to being happy and maintaining a healthy outlook on life.

The first tip to establish inner peace is to “not” focus on the things that you cannot control. How many of us focus on things we have no control over? These things build up over time creating stress and anxiety as we focus on the non-controllable in our lives.

The second tip is my favorite and that is to get away to a happy place routinely. My happy place is nature, parks, mountains, oceans, rivers, streams, creeks or any woods where I can just walk around and chill out. Find your happy place and visit it frequently so it can bring you back down to earth and relax you for just a little while.

The third tip is to be true to yourself. Know who you are, what you stand for and value in your life. Never ever give that up for others and be you all day everyday. Giving up a little bit of you to please others, make impressions and fit in actually takes more away than you get in return. Be you, do you and live your life.

The fourth tip is to take care of yourself physically and mentally. Take naps, breaks from work, walk at lunch or go to a gym and just do a quick workout. Read topics or books of interest or binge watch your favorite TV show from time to time. Stress will rear its ugly head and overcome us if we do not take good care of our physical and mental health.

Tip number five might be part of #4, but I consider it to be the most important part of managing your inner peace. Pray often and ask God for guidance in your life as you seek to calm the storms of life that we face daily. God is the best medicine for inner peace and will help you if you seek him and ask for his help. A good prayer can always set things in the right direction. Be consistent as you can with prayer and watch what happens.

John 16:33 – “I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.”

May the peace of God be with you today! May your inner peace be spectacular! May your inner peace be healthy and make you happy!


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