Travel: Top Five Destinations to Visit

Today I am writing about my top five destinations to travel and see once I retire in a few years from now. The plan is to jump in the car and take off out West and visit the sites, see nature at its best and experience the thrill of traveling, spending time with my wife and family along the way. I have a bucket list of foreign destinations as well but those will have to wait for now. The list below is built upon my specific interest in mountains, beautiful scenery, waterfalls, nature and river systems.

1- Grand Canyon- I know it is a prime location for nature lovers and very common. But the allure of such nature God has carved out by his hands is too much to pass up on this future trip.

2- Yellowstone National Park- Scenery, wildlife, nature, and just clean fresh air is a definite stop on my first swing out west.

3- Glacier National Forest- 700 lakes, rivers, hiking, animals and nature at irs finest await my family. Great pictures to be taken and memories to be made along this path of opportunity.

4- Lake Tahoe- stunning clear water, swimming, hiking, fishing and nature at its best. Sounds and looks like a great place to float on a houseboat for a few weeks and just chill out, relax and get back to nature.

5- Hawaii- I have got to take the wife to this lush tropical paradise full of greenery, awesome people, food, fun and water sports. It will be expensive, but fun and a joy to see.

This is a short list of places to go and just the beginning. One of these days we will make this happen and go enjoy Gods beauty, nature, fresh air and places on my bucket list.

God Bless! Coach B


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