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  • Faith: An Attitude of Gratitude

    Faith: An Attitude of Gratitude

    Gratitude is a word used to express how thankful we are for the actions of others and the blessings in our lives. Our attitude is a choice that we make on a daily basis. As humans we often fall short of having a good attitude and being grateful for the many blessings we have been given by God, family and friends.

  • Football: Winning in Life Attitude

    Football: Winning in Life Attitude

    Do you have a winning attitude about life. What is your definition of winning? That all depends on your personal views, background and experience with winning and losing. As a long time career football, wrestling and softball coach I have had to look at winning from two perspectives. One of those being actual W’s and […]

  • Faith: Good Dog or Bad Dog

    Faith: Good Dog or Bad Dog

    A friend once told me that I could be either a good dog or a bad dog. I wasn’t quite sure what she meant by that, because I thought I was a good dog already. After talking with her about it, she went on to explain that I was going through a spiritual awakening of […]

  • Faith: Meeting God’s Expectations

    Faith: Meeting God’s Expectations

    In times of non-conforming to God’s words, we find ourselves as Christians at a cross roads of sort. Today we examine standing for good and Godly principles in our lives.

  • Sports: Talk is Cheap, Action Speaks

    Sports: Talk is Cheap, Action Speaks

    Talk Is Cheap, Action Speaks During my coaching career I have heard many inspirational sayings from coaches before games, during meetings and at coaching clinics.  A few of my favorites that stuck with me are “Don’t talk about it, be about it”, “Talks cheap, action speaks” and “Don’t tell me, show me”.  I have said […]

  • Faith: Torn Down and Built Back Up

    Faith: Torn Down and Built Back Up

    Torn Down and Built Back Up In my reading today I made note of how as a coach I work my wrestlers out to tear them down, so they will be built back up stronger, faster, and tougher.  They lift weights, run, practice moves and stretch to get in peak physical condition.  They do this […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: Echoes of Mercy

    Spirit Chronicles: Echoes of Mercy

    Dream I had of Jesus on the cross and how his cries of agony and pain echoed across the valley for miles.

  • Spirit Chronicles: The Great Deception

    Spirit Chronicles: The Great Deception

    The Great Deception I had a very graphic dream about a very tall older man in his early 60’s.  He was obviously a powerful man that represented the most powerful organization on earth.  He was tall, good looking, well spoken and rich.  There was a certain charm about him that was almost too much to […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: Terror On the Way Home

    Spirit Chronicles: Terror On the Way Home

    Terror On the Way Home Many years ago  when I was in high school, a dear friend of mine and I were riding home from football practice on West Lexington Avenue.  We were being typical teenage boys, listening to rock music, laughing it up and talking about girls.  As we approached the bottom of Cridlebaugh […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: The Dead People

    Spirit Chronicles: The Dead People

    The Dead People (Good vs. Evil) As I come to better understand the battle of good versus evil or good versus bad, call it what you want.  I have dreamed many dreams about the two sides for years, starting as a child.  These dreams are always very intense and scary at times.  However, there also […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: Attacked in my Sleep- People of the Woods

    Spirit Chronicles: Attacked in my Sleep- People of the Woods

    The other day I was kind of tired from work and had recently gone through a heart procedure and just wanted to go lay down and rest.  I cut the lights off, turned on some relaxing music, actually Frank Sinatra and slowly dozed off after my foot quit twitching to his songs and the big […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: Bringing Macy Home

    Spirit Chronicles: Bringing Macy Home

    Bringing Macy Home Macy was our 11 year old Shih Tzu.  She was so special and my best buddy.  She followed me everywhere I went and stayed right by my side when I was home.  We bought her as a Christmas gift for our two daughters, but she ended up being a daddy’s girl.  Macy […]