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  • Faith: Good Dog or Bad Dog

    Faith: Good Dog or Bad Dog

    A friend once told me that I could be either a good dog or a bad dog. I wasn’t quite sure what she meant by that, because I thought I was a good dog already. After talking with her about it, she went on to explain that I was going through a spiritual awakening of…

  • Faith: Meeting God’s Expectations

    Faith: Meeting God’s Expectations

    In times of non-conforming to God’s words, we find ourselves as Christians at a cross roads of sort. Today we examine standing for good and Godly principles in our lives.

  • Sports: Talk is Cheap, Action Speaks

    Sports: Talk is Cheap, Action Speaks

    Talk Is Cheap, Action Speaks During my coaching career I have heard many inspirational sayings from coaches before games, during meetings and at coaching clinics.  A few of my favorites that stuck with me are “Don’t talk about it, be about it”, “Talks cheap, action speaks” and “Don’t tell me, show me”.  I have said…