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  • Spirit Chronicle: Visited by Grandma Smith

    Spirit Chronicle: Visited by Grandma Smith

    Visited by Grandma Smith In 1999 when my oldest daughter was about five years old I got up one night to go to the bathroom.  As I walked down the hallway, I heard her talking to someone.  Children that age often have an imaginary friend to entertain themselves so I didn’t pay much attention to […]

  • Daily Bread: Seeking God’s Grace

    Daily Bread: Seeking God’s Grace

    We have a huge pecan tree behind that house. That tree I would guess is atleast 200 years old. It is about ten feet around on the bottom and is very tall. It is where I go to talk to God and get back to nature. I can feel his presence with me when I […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: The Great Deception

    Spirit Chronicles: The Great Deception

    The Great Deception I had a very graphic dream about a very tall older man in his early 60’s.  He was obviously a powerful man that represented the most powerful organization on earth.  He was tall, good looking, well spoken and rich.  There was a certain charm about him that was almost too much to […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: Attacked in my Sleep- People of the Woods

    Spirit Chronicles: Attacked in my Sleep- People of the Woods

    The other day I was kind of tired from work and had recently gone through a heart procedure and just wanted to go lay down and rest.  I cut the lights off, turned on some relaxing music, actually Frank Sinatra and slowly dozed off after my foot quit twitching to his songs and the big […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: Bringing Macy Home

    Spirit Chronicles: Bringing Macy Home

    Bringing Macy Home Macy was our 11 year old Shih Tzu.  She was so special and my best buddy.  She followed me everywhere I went and stayed right by my side when I was home.  We bought her as a Christmas gift for our two daughters, but she ended up being a daddy’s girl.  Macy […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: Miracle on Old Town Road

    Spirit Chronicles: Miracle on Old Town Road

    Miracle on Old Town Road I am the recipient of a true miracle.  A divine and heavenly message that literally saved my life.  One that sounds too good to be true, a story that many will not believe.  While others will rejoice in it and find inspiration about life after death and how our loved […]