Spirit Chronicles: The Kidnap Killer

I dreamed about a man that had been kidnapping women and killing them. During this dream I saw three women being taken at various places and was actively involved in the hunt for the killer. Every lead I had fell short and then I saw him take a young lady and drop her off in an alley way. She was draped in a yellow sheet or possibly a yellow rain coat. She was dead and he left her lying there like a piece of trash. I was so mad at him and he walked by me and I got a look at his face. He was around 5’10 and 180 pounds. Late twenties to early thirties with ear length sandy blond hair and dark eyes.

He walked by me and as I was observing him he looked down and pulled a hoodie over his head to try and conceal his identity. I then saw a man in a wheel chair and his brother that takes care of him daily. Both of these men either know the guy or have seen him before. The man in the wheel chair has cystic fibrosis and does not speak but uses a voice box to talk. The brother is older and has a disability also but he can take care of his brother. The brother was on the phone talking to someone and I could not get him to see me or hear me.

I was seeing this from the third eye view looking in. I was not involved in the actual process was watching from the outside. The thing that got me confused was the killer seemed to see me even though no one else could. That tells me that he is evil and knows that I am of the light. That is why he likely can see me and knows I saw him. This may be an older event or something that is current. I will have to do some research on it and see if anyone has been killing people in the area that I cam currently in. I can dream and have visions of the past, present and future and will have to solve this one or it will drive me crazy thinking about it.


Spirit Chronicles: House On the Hill

I saw a huge house built of granite up on a hill way above the ground I was standing on. It was built solid and surrounded by tall Angels holding golden staffs. The Angels were over ten feet tall and were standing guard over the giant house on the hill. The house had twelve huge windows and seven massive doors. Angels smaller than the protectors were coming in and out of those doors bringing people in and out of the granite house. The house was made of granite but shined like crystals of all colors. It was beautiful and very soothing to look at. I knew there was a superior being inside of the house and as people went in and out they transformed into happy people.

Near me was a line of people standing single file in a line that went for miles. People of all ages, races, creeds, and backgrounds standing patiently waiting for their opportunity to go in the huge house on the hill. Not far away was another line of unhappy people that were being held back by a fence of light that they could not pass by. It burned them when they tried to pass by it and made them turn back. These people were lost souls that wanted to reach the house on the hill but had made bad choices in life and died without knowing God.

A wonderful trumpet sounded and every window and door on the huge house on the hill became bright with Gods light. The people in line began to fly into the windows one by one and be absorbed in the windows and doors. They were becoming part of the light of God and getting their reward for being faithful servants and knowing God. This was an end of times tribulation type dream that was a message of hope, grace and mercy for those that are still alive.

A day will come as written in the Bible that all things will come to pass and we will all be accountable of our actions, thoughts, and behaviors. More importantly we will be held to Gods standards and will either get new life or spend eternity on the other side of the light fence looking in. Longing for the freedoms, beauty and love inside the huge mansion on the hill. That mansion is Gods house and was built for his people and those that honor him while they are alive.

John 14:2; In my Father’s house are many rooms. If it were not so, would I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you?

Revelation 21:8; But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable, as for murderers, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death.”


Spirit Chronicles: Healing Breath of My Guardian Angel

I have had a bad back for several years and lately it has gotten much worse. I have sciatica and lower back muscle issues that keep me from sleeping comfortably most nights. This also limits what I can do physically and was one of the main reasons that I retired from coaching football a few seasons ago. I would hurt really bad after three days of practice and by Thursday and Friday night Football games. I had gotten to the point lately that it was getting harder and harder to function in getting things I needed to do done daily. I began to pray about healing and asking God for healing back a few weeks ago.

I was sincere in seeking his grace and healing and waited patiently. A week ago I was asleep and was dreaming a nice dream about heaven and God. I was suddenly laying on my belly at the feet of an angel that stood way over nine feet tall. In front of her was a guardian spirit, a man I have seen many times that is ancient and looks after me. He gently grabbed my head and told me to lie still and he pushed my head down into water I was lying in about six inches deep. That made me react to going under the water like most people would be pulling my head up. He again said relax and believe and pushed my head into the water again.

As my face submerged into the shallow water I relaxed like I was in the pool at home and submitted to the guardians request. I then felt him lean across my body and blow a cool breath of air at the location where my back has hurt for many years. It was the coolest I have ever felt as if someone blew liquid ice across my lower back. But the difference was it did not hurt at all. I woke up instantly and my wife was lying in bed playing a card game on her phone. She knew instantly something amazing had happened and ask me what it was.

I felt my back and since I had been under the covers every part of my body was lukewarm due to being under the covers. Every part of my body except that one spot on my back. I was ice cold like an ice pack had been on it for twenty minutes. The pain had gone away and I was healed. I had also been praying about going back into football coaching and pursuing a head coaching job. But I knew that the back would not allow me to do that.

I fell back to sleep amazed that my back was not hurting and slept very well the balance of the night. I woke up and went to the bathroom early that morning, hopped right out of bed and went and walked normal for the first time in years. I went back to bed and was doing some meditating what I call “tunnel time” which is when I see, hear and feel spirit while I am vey relaxed. Just as I was ending tunnel time I heard a male say “he wants to coach again”. Then a female said “then go coach”. That was confirmation that I had been given a miracle and that God has a plan for me coming.

I am not sure where I will coach again, but I will soon and my back will not get into the way. Today I was a little sore after a lot of outside activity, but I continue to sleep like a baby with no moving around, tossing and turning. I walk upright as I should and feel very strong. I have been healed by the spirit of God and my guardian did it. I am Thankful for God, his grace, my Angels and Guardians. Ask yours for help, pray about it and be patient and a miracle can come your way.

Jeremiah 17:14; Heal me, O Lord, and I shall be healed; save me, and I shall be saved, for you are my praise.

1st Samuel 12:16; Now therefore stand still and see this great thing that the Lord will do before your eyes.


Spirit Chronicles: The Skull Men and The River of Life

I dreamed that I was standing on a hill overlooking a beautiful valley with a winding river that sounded very soothing. In that river there were people swimming and splashing around enjoying themselves. On the banks of the river on each side were dead men made of bones. They were just skeletons standing at the rivers edge but they could not join the fun or get into the water. In the water was another man standing there and he had a strong presence about him. He was an ancient spirit that was good and of the light. This ancient one was overseeing the living and making sure they were happy and not hurt by the skeleton men.

The skeleton men tried to step into the water but when they did they would dissolve as the water hit their bones and disappear as if they never were there. Some of the skeletons were walking with beagle dogs and were attached to them with a leash. The dogs were basically dragging them away from the water and they would go off into the woods and return without the skeleton men and get another. Another man with a whistle was standing there directing the dogs to take the skeletons into the woods.

The dead could not touch him either. When they tried the dogs would attack, grab them and pull them into the dark woods near the water. The woods near the water around the immediate edge were flowery and pretty. The trees were alive and full of flowers and leaves like life itself. The woods a few feet away where the skeletons were being dragged was dark, dense and scary. Nothing could go in and out but the dogs. These dogs were not afraid of the skeleton men and did as the master told them to do and reacted to the dog whistle on command. They were loyal, brave and of the light.

The skeletons continued to try and enter the water but would just wash away or evaporate. They were dead souls, lost souls and wondering spirits that had not found the light before they died. They had spent their lives doubting God and his mercy and salvation and were paying for it. The woods were hell and the water was heaven. The skeletons were doomed to the woods and could not enter the wonderful water and join the heavenly flow. They instead were dragged away by the light worker dogs on command and sent to the darkness and the woods as stated in the Bible.

I woke up and wrote down the dream, I did some research about seeing skeletons, the river and the dogs. I sat down and wrote this dream and am still seeing those wonderful people enjoying the waters. We all will lose our flesh and eventually become a spirit. Will we be placed into the wonderful water for life everlasting or will we become a skeleton and be doomed into the dark woods. I will be a light worker, a warrior of God and take the river. I love the water and when I am in it I say this simple prayer.

Lord, please cleanse me, wash me and make me whole. I repeat that a few times and end with an amen. Try it sometime and see what happens. Step into the water and wait for God to take care of you. Now and forever!

John 7: 3-8; Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, ‘Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.’”

Revelation 22:1; Then the angel showed me the river of the water of life, bright as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb.


Faith- What To Do When You Need Patience

Today as I am trying to pack to go on the yearly summer vacation I find myself needing patience. I am generally laid back and a pretty patient person (exceptions traffic and drive through Windows). I am not sure why but those two things tend to get under my skin especially a drive through if the people in the car with me do not know what they want or keep changing their mind. I get to the point of “just flipping order something”. Patience is required in life as we spend lots of time waiting at the doctor, stores, drive throughs, traffic, restaurants and in my case waiting on a woman (my wife and two daughters). Seems like it takes them forever to make up their mind on clothes and getting dressed.

Then when we go shopping it takes forever to go in the store and grab stuff. That turns into an all day shopping excursion and I have things to do at home. God wants us to be patient and patience in mentioned in his word in both the new and old testament. I have to exercise patience as a public school teacher and coach with teenagers. I have to get better at being patient and the only way I can do that is to work on it hard. Focus on it and ask the Lord for patience and grace in that process. Being patient is kind, loving, friendly, helpful, avoids stress and anxiety. Being patient is what God expects us to be when dealing with our family and friends. Being patient requires us to submit to Gods plan in our lives and live the best we can and “wait”. For me that is the hard part!

James 5: 7-8; Be patient, therefore, brothers, until the coming of the Lord. See how the farmer waits for the precious fruit of the earth, being patient about it, until it receives the early and the late rains. You also, be patient. Establish your hearts, for the coming of the Lord is at hand.

Psalm 37:39; Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him; fret not yourself over the one who prospers in his way, over the man who carries out evil devices! Refrain from anger, and forsake wrath! Fret not yourself; it tends only to evil. For the evildoers shall be cut off, but those who wait for the Lord shall inherit the land.


Faith- Doubting God

Today as I was riding around the yard mowing and listening to some good Christian Worship music a few songs came on that really hit me hard and the message I got was that we often have doubt in God and his promises. I have had my times when I doubted God, mostly when things were going bad, getting hard and tough to deal with. We want things and want it our way but that is not how it works with God. When we ask for something or pray for something we do not always get the answer we want. We get what God wants us to have as he controls all things human, spiritual and in between.

As I was thinking about this and listening to the words in these songs the thought of God being constant and always with us, guiding us and helping us hit me hard. I have had a very spiritual evolution of late since I had a near death experience back in September of 2020. I had faith in God but had slipped in that faith and how he has handled me and dealt with me since then has shown me that his love, grace, mercy and care are like no other I could ask for or expect. In the bible its tells us that faith in God is the foundation of life.

Faith in God is the rock by which we build a solid foundation. He is the way, the light, the miracle, the past, the present and the future. Human nature leads to doubt. We are emotional creatures and that emotion can take a toll on our faith on people and the Lord. We struggle at times with mental, physical and spiritual battles. These things create anxiety and fear of the unknown. These things can separate us from God and drive us to carry baggage that God wants us to get rid of.

When things get hard sit down and pray. Make a list of the ways God has blessed you and your family. Making this list will bring you back to the understanding that God is omni present in our lives and is leading us the way he wants us to go. We put ourselves in bad situations and that makes us doubt not only what we believe but our belief on God. We win some, we lose some, we tie some. God always wins and we have to see the wins in these situations to remove doubt. We lose a family member and doubt comes crashing in. Know that God has that soul now and they are fine.

We lose a job, a house, a spouse and other things we have. This throws doubt, anxiety and tests our faith. Hold strong and know that God has this. He is in charge and will take care of things. He will carry us through it. I put together a list of things that I think help me stay stronger in my faith. Things that can help you get closer to God and know that his support and love in constant and always present. We must first overcome our own doubt to overcome the doubt we have in God. Life can be disappointing at times and in those times we must not doubt God, but find strength in his words and actions. God is awesome, caring, loving, supportive and patient. We must be the same to be a person of confidence and not a “doubter”.

1- Do not rely on your own emotions, confidence and actions to try and overcome the big challenges in your life.

2- We adopt worry, anxiety and fear as our way of dealing with things.

3- We question Gods goodness and grace in our lives.

Reading Isiah 26, I found these three ways to cast any doubt we have about God in our lives away.

1- Seek God and his everlasting power when times are tough.

2- Know that God promised us safety, grace and mercy in the Bible.

3- Know that God never doubts us and we should never doubt him.


Faith- Lukewarm Spirituality

I am 100% convicted of the title of todays faith based lesson. I have been a spiritual person since I was just a young boy but have had times in my life when I was lukewarm at best. In fact, I have been less than lukewarm at times in my journey with God. The bible refers to this as non being mindful or watchful of God’s work in your life. Life throws all kinds of curve balls at us and the Devil loves to step in and get between us and the Lord. Lukewarm spirit can be compared to lukewarm work habits, relationships and family matters.

If we are lukewarm we will face things that we are not prepared for and those things will take us down. We have to constantly be in prayer and seek guidance from God to make sure that we stay Red hot for God and not go lukewarm. You do not have to church every week to be red hot on fire for God. We choose our relationships with family, spouses, co-workers and God. We build habits within ourselves that determine how we do in these areas of our lives. Laziness creates lukewarm behaviors and lukewarm results.

God wants us to be more than lukewarm for him. He seeks us daily and consistently watches over us and wants us to reach back to him. We must not just seek him in bad times but at all times. God is never lukewarm and we should not be either. If we are lukewarm in a marriage then it will suffer. If we are lukewarm at a sporting event or when playing then out performance will suffer. If we are lukewarm at work then out performance will suffer.

I had to look at myself and think about my Luke warmness in life at times. I had to look at myself in all aspects to make sure I stayed on fire for God and that he can continue to influence me and lead me to what he wants me to be. Avoid be lukewarm by doing the following things in your life daily. This will keep you on fire in your relationships, career, outside activities and most importantly with God himself.

1- Pray everyday without fail. Failure to pray is failing to seek God in your life.

2- Check yourself to see where you stand in all aspects of your work life, family life and spiritual life.

3- Change what is broken. Get rid of old habits by creating good ones that are productive and never be lukewarm in anything you have passion about.

4- Work hard at all aspects of life and go for red hot in everything that is important to you.

5- Pray, Pray and Pray some more and watch God become red hot in your life.

2nd Corinthians 13:5; Examine yourselves, to see whether you are in the faith. Test yourselves. Or do you not realize this about yourselves, that Jesus Christ is in you?—unless indeed you fail to meet the test!


Leadership 101- 12 Effective Habits of Great Leaders

1- The very best coaches motivate, inspire and lead the organization with intention, purpose, dedication, discipline, desire and an create energy around them constantly. 

2- The really effective coaches never use intimidation, power, embarrassment or other negativity to teach the required skills needed to be successful in life, sports, work and play.  

3- Great coaches are great life teachers that lead by example, share their history, success, failure, wins and losses to grow the team, individual and build life long relationships.  

4- The best coaches keep the game in perspective and know that winning, losing, upsets, setback, victory, injury, goals and are all about life after the sport and game has ended.

5- Great coaches never let their ego, pride or willingness to win override team goals, personal matters and individual accomplishment.  

6- Great coaches understand the individual strengths and skills of each player and how they can be developed for the overall improvement of the player, staff and team.

7- The best coaches coach the individual, team and staff with intention of growing their skills and winning.

8- The best coaches are always flexible and fir the players into their system of success growing the team skills constantly. 

9- The great coaches are communicators that lead with their voice, actions and behavior.  

10- Great coaches listen to their players, staff and parents actively to gauge where they are in relationships and overall growth of the organization.

11- Great coaches just do not talk the talk, they walk the walk.

12- Great coaches teach life skills, winning, losing, integrity, hard work, dedication, discipline, team work, overcoming, and so many other needed life skills for adult success after the game iv over.


Life Hacks 101- 10 Things Coaches, Managers and Go Getters Look For

Today we are talking about traits that coaches value and look for in their student athletes that cost nothing but time, energy and work ethic.  These traits also are what business owners, companies, managers, leaders and other people looking for talent expect. These traits set you apart from others and can make you a great player, worker, leader, parent, teacher, business owner and whatever it is you want to be.  If I can get my athletes to learn these by my actions, behaviors and results then as a coach I have accomplished my goals and the rest will take care of itself.  

1- Time management skills- Are you on time, are you early for class, practice, work and ready to go when the bell, alarm or clock strikes and its go time.

2- Great work ethic- Do you exhibit a work ethic that people cannot deny and one that shows you are a true go getter.

3- Positive energy- Are you a positive person that exudes positive traits and thoughts. Do people want to be around you and grow with you.

4- Positive attitude- Do you see the glass half full or half empty.  Does your attitude reflect goodness, kindness, love and respect for others.

5- Being prepared- Are you prepped and ready for completing tasks, work assignments, school work and other demands life throws at you.  Do you do what it takes to be ready to roll, ready to work and ready to win.

6- Passion- Are you passionate about your family, friends, job, sport or life.  Passion can override talent and lots of other traits many times.  Give me  passionate learner and I will take that over talent any day of the week.

7- Discipline- Do you show discipline in your actions, behaviors and life.  Do you have what it takes to be disciplined to work out, lift weights, run, manage your weight and help the team out.  Are you disciplined to get out of bed and get to work and produce for your family and to meet your goals.

8- Communication skills- Can you openly communicate with people in a positive and meaningful way.  Can you talk business like and not use slang and street terms in conversations.  Are you a good listener and have positive skills people see when you communicate with them.  Do you sound educated (I am not talking college educated).  

9- Good body language- Do you carry yourself in a positive manner.  Do you sit upright, keep good eye contact and other positive body language.  Do you know how to present yourself, shake hands and make people feel relaxed around you.  Are you too chilled at times and can you turn it on and off as needed.

10- Coachable- Lastly and most important to me.  Are you coachable, teachable, and able to be mentored. Can you accept feedback and loss with dignity and respect.  Are you part of the solution or part of the problem.  Do you take advice from someone much older, more knowledgeable and experienced and apply it to become better.  Or are you a hotshot know it all that will eventually fail because you know more about a 30 year veteran coach about your position or saw it on a video game.  (believe me folks, this is a reality nowadays)!

There are other things you could put on this list.  But these are the things that cost you nothing but time, energy and work ethic.  These are the basic skills needed in sports, work, life and play that can make you successful whether you are a backup, first string star or do a common job.  These skills will make you stand out in the crowd, rise above others and set you on a path that others envy and want to be on.  They may not admit it, but ultimately they see your success and skill set and desire to be like you.


Spirit Chronicles- Divine Dreaming

I dreamed that I had an out of body experience during sleep. I died in my sleep for a few minutes and went to Heaven. Upon reaching Heaven I was immediately at the feet of the most powerful, light and force imaginable. It was so overwhelming, in a positive manner that I could not react, look up or move. I was frozen at the feet of my Savior and Lord Jesus Christ. I could not look up but knew it was him. He communicated with me mentally without words. He wanted me to know that I would be OK and to keep faith.

This dream occurred during a very rough time in my life where my wife and I were experiencing job loss, money issues and had two small children. I had lost my job at a company, not to be named after nearly seven years of committed service. I was betrayed at the job by an upper level manager that I trusted and had lots of confidence in. Anyways, that committed service got me released for something I truly did not do and it impacted my thoughts on humanity, who I was as a person and man.

Not being able to feed your family and find a job was so overwhelming that I had reached a boiling point in life. I had shut down and was not myself and it was impacting everyone on the household. The worst thing a father ever wants to not be able to do is provide for his family. I prayed every night for help, guidance and grace for my family and self. Once I had this dream it set in motion many more occurrences with forces that we all are yet to understand fully.

I can tell you that the glory of Heaven is unimaginable, it is glorious, and beautiful to say the least. At the time I didn’t really understand why I went to heaven, maybe it was a calling, maybe it was a warning, maybe it was a divine intervention for a normally loving, caring, and considerate person that had become something else. I thank God for giving me the dream, intervention, experience, call it what you want.

It changed the direction of my life and set me on a path to begin teaching public school exceptional children and I have never looked back. The woman that betrayed me died a few years later of cancer and it was sad. I had held onto some bad feelings about her and did not want to allow that to keep me from moving forward. Besides, she was human and we all make mistakes and do things we shouldn’t to people.

My advice would be to not let this type of thing get to you. It will eat you up from the inside out and destroy your life. Holding onto hate, anger, fear, and all those other ungodlike things will set you on a path that leads to the devil taking hold of your life and controlling you. When you get hurt, accept it, face it and overcome it. God only knows how to heal those wounds, do not try that on your own. Seek God’s grace and forgiveness before you begin to ask others to do the same.


Personal Growth-Three Keys to Success In Life

As a coach I have attended many coaching clinics through the years to gain knowledge, experience and grow my skill set to help my athletes get better.  One of my favorite all time coaches and speakers is Lu Holtz who had a fabulous career coaching, speaking and as a broad caster for football games.  He was a program builder and did a super job everywhere he went.  I had the pleasure of meeting him and getting a picture with him several years ago at a football clinic in Atlanta, GA.  He is a motivational coach and person that has so much experience in life and is a winner.  The quote above hit home with me today as I was surfing the web to prepare for writing and I wanted to share it with my people.

In this quote he is talking about three things that are key to winning, overcoming, preparing and doing well in sports and life.  The first of these is Ability which is important as part of success and winning.  We all have natural God given ability and some that we have developed through the years as we practice, prepare, study, learn and work towards our goals in life.  We must take these abilities and maximize them to be the best we can. Motivation is the second part of this success formula and that comes from mostly within ourselves.  We find motivation from others around us, our coaches, teammates and friends.  But the final say on how motivated a person can be is a individual decision.

Football coaches stand before team and give a motivational fire and brim stone speech to the guys designed to fire them up and give  them confidence and motivation to play hard.  That fired up speech will last about the first 3-5 minutes of the game and then it becomes a game of will and who wants to  win more than the other.  Finding motivation when things get tough is the hard part.  Finding motivation when you are down is the hard part.  Finding a way to motivate your friends and get them fired up during battle is an art.  

Attitude determines how you will succeed in life, sports, work and play.  I was talking to my students today in class and we were discussing life skills and how attitude keeps us  going and helps define who we are and where we go in life.  The old saying is “you can either see the glass half full or half empty”.  I used a half full water bottle as the prop and we talked about that for a few minutes.  I want my students to understand that they determine their attitude and no one else.  We started class out with a simple paper that had five faces on it.  One was smiling, one frowning, one neutral, one crying and one really happy.  I told them to circle where they were at that point with attitude.  After we did the exercise and talked about it I had them repeat the activity.  

Several of them actually changed their picture from frowning or mad to a more happy face.  I suggest you print one of these off the internet and put it on your mirror or fridge so you have to decide how you will take on your day.  Will you start the day glass half full or glass half empty?  Take your ability and use it to become better.  Motivate yourself to accomplish great things and go after life with an attitude of excellence and intention.


Spirit Chronicles- Martha Shows Herself

We have a lady spirit that lives on our property that has talked to five different family members in the family. She has also turned lights on and off and banged on the walls at times to get our attention. Recently we had a few people staying in town for a few days and one of the young ladies and I were talking about spiritual energy, ghosts, hauntings and our belief or non-beleif in such things. I told her the story of Martha our friendly ghost that roams the land and house frequently speaking to people in their ears and cutting the lights on and off.

Martha is a good spirit and is very kind and fun to be around. She died on the property we now live on back in the mid 1950’s of a heart attack in her kitchen. The house we currently live in is built right on top of the land the old house she lived in once stood. As I was telling our visitor about Martha and some of the things she does around the house and to us the young lady told me that she wasn’t sure about ghosts and spirits but was kind of open to the idea.

Later that night just before going to bed the young lady felt a presence in her room and looked up to see a woman standing there dressed in older style (`1930’s) style clothing with her hair up in a bonnet staring at her. It shocked her and caught her off guard and scared her a bit. The woman looked at her with a confused look and kind of smiled then faded away into nothing as if she had never been there. The young lady came down stairs and immediately told me what she had just witnessed and what happened. She had described the lady knew as Martha based on the age and clothing of the woman.

Startled but interested she was amazed that Martha had shown herself and then realized that she had been talking about it with others prior to it happening and was a very visual person. The young lady had opened herself up to the possibility that the spirit realm does exist based on the stories she had heard and the things that took place on the property. We are amazed and glad that Martha is beginning to show herself to people and reveal to us more and more about her life prior to us living here.

Martha has been heavily involved in spirit activity for over a year now and has thus proven to be like Casper the friendly ghost. Just a happy go lucky spirit that remains here where she spent most of her adult life working, making a family and helping her husband run the farm.


Americana- July 4th Fireworks, Family and Friends

My family has been celebrating the fourth of July for many years at a pool party with friends, family and lots of fireworks. My dad loved fireworks and would always drive down to South Carolina or have someone bring some back from the beach to shoot off at the party. He would sit on the diving board at the local pool we were members of and watch us boys (me and my brothers) fire off the fireworks. He took pride in his family, friends and that pool party. The highlight at the end of the night growing up was to see those booming fireworks going off.

Once dad got a bit older and could not set them off himself as I stated we would set them off and he and mom would sit and watch and celebrate. I can see him smiling now as the beautiful colors sparkle and bang in the air. My dad passed away on 2009 and we have continued to make sure this family tradition continues. My nephews have now become the firework setter off leaders. One of them is a fireman so he is the perfect person for the job. If he sets something on fire he can grab a hose and put it out.

I was helping them this time and we were spending some time talking and I looked both of them in the eye and told them that myself and their dads were getting a little older and will not always be here. I asked them to take it and run with it every July 4th. Family, Friends, Fireworks and food are a staple of my families July 4th and I cherish every memory made all of these years. I have been hit by random fireworks, ran from them, nearly got my fingers blown off and all kinds of trouble due to setting them off.

We celebrate a day that signifies life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in the greatest country in the world. I am thankful for all of my family, friends and the fireworks and hope you had a great July 4th celebrating our independence. Americana is apple pie, holidays, baseball, fire works, summers at the lake, toys, traveling and so many other things. Enjoy and make your own Americana memories and tell your story. I hope you enjoyed the story of my dad, mom, our family and how important fire works is to us and our family bond.


Faith- Finding Courage In Challenging Situations

You will be put in challenging situations and at times feel overwhelmed and let down. Life will let you down at times and often it is when we are either at the top of our game or at the lowest point.  When we are facing our darkest moments and weakest moments due to life events we must focus on God and look for an outcome that is positive. To make it positive we have to have faith and believe that the process of overcoming challenging times is going to be dealt with head on and with courage.

Challenging events in our lives are part of the process of growing, becoming more than what and who we are.  God wants us to be strong, have faith and walk through life with his light shining.  Life will knock you down and beat you up bad if you let it. We live our best life and know that the things we face in life such as losing a job, losing family, broken families, health crisis and other things make us stronger. God will never put us through something we cannot handle and is right there by our side helping us with it. He is carrying us through it and knows the outcome if we follow him and trust in his process.

The bible tells us that God will not put us through anything we cannot handle, but doing it on our own often leads to more trouble, anger, strife and fear.  Ask God to help you, guide you and lead you and he will.  These times cause us to have all of these emotions and can make us mentally and physically sick. Tough times can also make us spiritually sick which allows the Devil to step in and cast doubt, anger and frustration. When times get hard, we must fight back and seek God for his grace, guidance and mercy.

You will look back and laugh at those times knowing it was all a step forward in your spiritual journey.  Even though it may have felt like a step backwards at the time. What seemed like a step in the wrong direction can often be the steps forward that propel us to become stronger in our faith and relationships with family, friends and God. When it gets tough, fight back. When times challenge you, push back. When a crisis happens in life, step up to the challenge. When life kicks you in the teeth, call on God and overcome!


Faith- Life Lessons #1

God has a plan for all of us, we have to ask for his guidance in the process and be obedient to him. There are two plans in life. Our plan and Gods plan and often the two are not the same. God is all knowing and has already planned our role in the world. We plan our own role as well and it often clashes and we somehow see things constantly getting in the way or progress towards our plan. God will not shut you down, but he can offer help if we seek his guidance in the process.

Humans tend to need and want things, it is a natural part of living.  What we often do not think about is what God needs for us to have.  Everything we own, work for, have, buy and accomplish is because we have a loving God that permits it. I look at my career, family, money, hobbies, health and other parts of my life as borrowed from God. We are all on borrowed time and with his blessings we will have the things we desire, need and want. Until those things get in the way of right, good, and just thinking, actions, behaviors and living.

He needs us to have a relationship with him, he wants us to honor him.  Honor God by honoring your commitment to him because he is 100% committed to you. Seeking a daily relationship with God is a must for me. I cannot imagine living without God interacting in my life, my family life and work life. I probably should restate the title of this paragraph to “We need a relationship with God” and that will honor him. Do everything with good intention, honor, commitment and faith and you can conquer the world in the process and achieve all your goals and dreams.

The bible speaks about desires of the flesh, getting lost in our way and being greedy.  Often, what we need is really not what we want.  I broke down and bought a new truck last week, well actually a good used truck bit compared to the old 1997 paid for truck I had it was a bigtime upgrade. I didn’t have to buy a truck but the time had come to where the old red one was starting to see its better life gone before it. I wrestled with the fact of spending money, buying a newer vehicle and using credit. Those are things I do not like to do. So I prayed about it, thought about, made a list of pros and cons about it and then made a decision.

Pray to God and ask for his guidance in buying, pursuing and having things. Ask God to show you the way. Be patient, observant and diligent in the way you pursue things using sound Biblical principals of finance, thought, behavior and work ethic and the world will treat you well. God will bless you, guide you and lead you to his plan and an ultimate victory for you. May God bless you and Keep you!


Faith- What If

Today I was reading the word of God and was thinking about “what if”. As a parent I have always been a “what if” kind of person. What if we do this or do not. What if the kids do this or that? Everything we do in life has good or bad consequences and that also applies to our faith in God. It applies to our relationship with God. What if a person chooses to look away from Gods grace? What if they choose to think that there is no God? What if they die and have not accepted Jesus into their hearts? These are the questions many people ask and have been talked about for hundreds if not thousands of years in churches, revivals and Christian culture.

So I am using Bible verses to show people the value of answering the question of “what if” you do not know Jesus and God and pass away. According to the Bible it states that a person that dies will have two outcomes for their spiritual journey when they leave their physical body.

Daniel 12:2; States that “And many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt”. 2nd Corinthians 5:10; States that “For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each one may receive what is due for what he has done in the body, whether good or evil”. These tell us that after the physical life of the body ceases the spirit continues to live and based on the decision of knowing God or not we get what we get. So I ask then to you. Are you willing to take a chance on the “what if” of passing from the physical into the spiritual world and facing purgatory or heaven.

It is a simple choice that we must make and live and die by. Choose God and choose life. Choose to not believe and you choose a fate that is horrible, unkind and like nothing you could ever face on the earth. We all have a good dog or a bad dog inside of us. We make choices to be a good dog or bad dog in life. And with those choices come the consequences of life everlasting in a heavenly way or facing the devil in hell. I once spoke with a dear friend that was dying of cancer and he asked me about God a day or so before he passed.

I told him what I thought about God and how he was very important to me in life and after life. I asked him if he knew God and he told me he wasn’t sure about all that stuff. But then he told me he wanted to know. So I asked his “what if” you accept Jesus as your savior and die soon and go to heaven to see your family and friends that accepted him. Or the other side of the story which is “what if” you choose to take a chance on dying without knowing God and really do go to hell for eternity. We prayed and I read him some Bible versus and asked him to seek God and see what happened.

His wife called me and told me he wanted me to come see him the next day so I went by and we talked. He knew his time was short within days and he had to take the opportunity to see “what if” I accept Jesus as my savior. So we prayed and he asked Jesus into his heart, mind and soul. The chaplain also prayed and counseled him and we talked, cried and laughed for a few hours. Later that night about four hours I was driving home and a street light popped on and off a few times and I sensed that he had died and moved on. I called his wife and she told me that he had just taken his last breath and passed away after a long sturggle.

She thanked me and told me that just before he died he looked up and smiled and said “God” and his life ended. His wife had no doubt that God had come and taken him to heaven for everlasting life. It was a wonderful ending to a good mans life. He was a loving father, son, brother and husband. He was what God describes in the Bible as a good man. However, prior to him deciding to take the chance and roll the dice on the “what if” I die and do not know Jesus all of that would not have mattered for his eternal life. I pray anyone reading this, whether you agree or not seek God’s council.

Give it a try by praying, reading the word and talking to those that know God. It is your choice to choose which “what if” and your consequences to that choice. I choose God because I know his miracles, his power, his grace and his influence in my life. Thank You Dear God for helping me see the “What if” factor and helping others to potentially see it as well!

John 5:24; Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life. He does not come into judgment, but has passed from death to life.

Romans 6:23; For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Revelation 20:14; And if anyone’s name was not found written in the book of life, he was thrown into the lake of fire.


Spirit Chronicles: Blue/White versus Red/Black

I was with a group of people away from my family in a desert area on a business trip.  I saw what looked like a nuclear explosion to the east of us around 250 miles away.  I tried to tell everyone near me but nobody saw it but me.  Then to the west I saw another explosion the same way and this time a few others saw it.  I tried to take a picture but the phone was not working due to no service.  Then panic set in among the people and they began to stress out, fight, run and hide where they could.  All that was around to hide were a few empty buildings and barren landscape. 

Then a huge light show appeared and it had all kinds of colors and the noise was deafening making people fall on the ground and squirm around.  It didn’t make me hurt or squirm but I could hear it.  I saw a portal open in those lights and a troop of soldiers dressed in red and black began to fall to the earth and they were super soldiers like nothing I have ever seen. They were giants about eight feet tall and had solid black military style uniforms with glowing neon like red trim all over.  Their helmets were black with a face mask and red neon trim on them.

They hit the ground running and started coming at us about 300 yards away and as they came they were shooting people with laser weapons and instantly they would disappear after being shot.  People tried to fight them off but to no avail and the onslaught continued.  There was a group of young people and they were near me just sitting in chairs listening to music.  I tried to warn them but all they did was stare at one another and shake their heads.  They were so wrapped up in their phones they didn’t seem to care.  

Then one of them said go away old man and chill out and turned his heavy metal music up real loud but it still was not high enough to drown out the noise from the invasion force and lasers.  Then ships began to arrive with even taller soldiers that fired lasers from their hands which turned people into red balls of light that would fly into the ship into a central bulb to be absorbed.  Then the young people began to run and scream but they were mostly killed by the red lasers and soldiers.  They pleaded for help and some threw their phones down once they figured out they were not working.  

The soldiers became closer so I tried to tell the remaining young people to run and hide but again they told me to go away and leave them alone.  One of them stood up and he looked at me and his eyes were dark and he pointed at me and yelled he is not one of us and the others stood up and started coming at me.  I knew I was in trouble and as they got close to me another portal opened and a group of warriors appeared and they were wearing blue and white uniforms.  These warriors were also over eight feet tall with a few as tall as ten feet or more.  They began to fight the black and red force immediately.  

They pushed back the others and I looked down and immediately was wearing a blue and white uniform.  These uniforms were all blue from head to toe with white neon trim.  The white was very bright and warm so I knew the soldiers were good and were there to help and protect people. Then the young ones became scared and started to scatter and run.  As they did the soldiers in Red and black shot them with lasers turning them into the red balls of light.  Others asked for help and cried out to the soldiers in blue and white and when they asked they were touched and instantly turned into a blue ball of light.  

A fierce fight began as the red and black (evil) fought the blue and white (light force) globally.  Millions of people were lost to both sides.  Those that were red and black and sided with them went into that ball of red light where their souls were taken forever into torment.  The blue and white soldiers turned people into the blue light and those were saved from torment and given eternal life in a new world.  People chose sides and with that decision earned a fate based on that decision.  They either went to heaven or went to hell.  Once they chose there was no way back and that was their fate.  

This new world was heaven where they got a new body and granted any wish that was good and positive.  There was no war, no fighting, no anguish, no disease and no famine.  It was perfect but not everyone wanted that because they were deceived and had found sin to be the life they wanted.  Sin brought them power, fortune, greed, sexual pleasures, political status and human pleasures.

These people perished into the red ball of eternal hell due to their choices.  Those that chose the light were granted access to a new life that was fabulous and wonderful.  A life that was free from sin, powers, sexual pleasure and greed.  I fought alongside the light force for generations in the war to end all wars.  I was injured many times and in the process and witnessed millions make their choice of the good or the bad.  A final very fierce battle of biblical proportions took place and the world was cleansed of all evil for good.  God had established his heaven on earth for those that chose the blue and white light (good).


Spirit Chronicles- Psycho Steven on Row 3

I drove through a cematary the other night taking a short cut to grab some food in a small town near me. As I entered the cemetary I suddenly got the same feeling I always do when I am near a graveyard. Spirit senses that I can feel it, see it or hear it and comes after me trying to talk, attack or attach to me. The spirit realm is very powerful and most graveyards are littered with restless spirits that are confused, angry, in denial or just hanging out where they were last seen (their own grave). I knew this spirit was strong and older because it hit me hard in the gut (like being punched). I knew this one was going to be hard to deal with so I called to it and let it know that it could not harm me or hit me in the stomach.

Spirits impact me in two ways. If they are good I get tingly feeling all over my body, mostly around my head, neck and face. Bad spirits impact me in a worse way be hitting me in the stomach, chest or back of my neck trying to come at me and let me know it is there. Spirit comes at you just like it would have as a human either good or bad. To deal with this one I stopped and sat still and asked it to show me who, what or why it was coming to me. I instantly got the name Steven and soon after that third row. I got out of the car and had other spirit coming at me but this one was stronger and angrier than the others and drowned them out. I pushed the others away and told Steven I could help him to the light.

I asked him to show me why he was angry and I saw a vision of two men fighting in a room way back in the old days (probably early 1900’s) based on the clothing they were wearing and a lit candle on the table. The two of them were tussling, fighting and wrestling one another and Steven had the other man by the throat pushing him into the wall. The other man looked at me and the vision went away. I asked Steven if he was angry or died from the fight and he said “hung” and “square”. The small town I live near has a small square where the courts in the old days did all the trials and hanging in public.

I started feeling my air being pushed out of my chest and tightness in my throat which told me Steven had suffocated and could not breath. I also felt a sharp pain in the back of my neck which told me his neck had been broken during the hanging. I asked him if he murdered the other man and he said “Psychopath” back to me. I asked him if he was a psychopath and he responded “accident” and “angry”. I sensed that Steven and the man had fought and the other man died and he was labeled a psychopath, tried and hung for killing the man. I moved on after about ten minutes of working with Steven and ended the conversation as I always do with spirit.

I told him to go to the light, seek God and ask for forgiveness. I told him may God find him, give him peace and life everlasting. I told him he could not follow me home and to stay away from me unless I was in the area again. Steven went away and as I was driving up the road to exit the short road I heard a man say “pastor” and “believe”. I stopped and asked who that was but never got a response from any other spirit. I drove and grabbed some food and went on home. I did a cleansing before going into the house and wrote down what I had heard and experienced.

Later that night while asleep the guy Steven was fighting appeared to me and just looked at me like he was lost. I pushed him away and told him to go to God, find the light and that he was dead and could be saved. I did not see anyone else and rested peacefully that night. A few days later I drove into town and went to see if I could find the grave marker and found one on row three from the 1910’s era with the name Stephen. I assumed it was spelled the way I knew it and I cleansed the grave with a prayer and told him to rest in peace and seek God. I got no response from him but as I was leaving and feeling lots of peaceful spirit around me I once again heard “pastor”, “believe”, “yourself”.

God has been preparing me for a great spiritual awakening and these experiences are steps in the process of learning how to use a gift from God and do it to help others be it spirit or in real life. I thank God for his gifts and presence in my life today, tomorrow and forever.

John 14:1; “Let not your hearts be troubled. Believe in God; believe also in me.



Faith- Miracles from God

My wife was recently diagnosed with a tear in her hip that was creating lots of pain for her and was making it hard for her to function daily at everyday tasks. We went to the doctor and they did a battery of testing and imaging showed a clear and present tear in her hip. The doctor ordered surgery so we began the process of praying daily and asking for prayer from our friends, family and church. We continued this process and praying in preparation for the surgery and rehabilitation that was expected to last for up to twelve weeks.

We showed up for the surgery and my wife was prepped and went into surgery. We as stated were expecting her to be off her feet for atleast twelve weeks with no weight and endure a lengthy rehabilitation process. The surgeon went in prepared to fix her torn ligaments and to his surprise found absolutely nothing. He cleaned up the area of some arthritic issues and tissue and closed her up. My wife walked out of that hospital almost completely healed. The doctors were astounded at what had taken place and could not explain it.

I looked at him and said, doctor my wife is the recipient of a miracle from God. We have prayed over her numerous times and have had family and friends do the same for weeks. God answered those prayers and healed my wife. Let me take you back a month or so when she was first diagnosed. The young doctor that did the initial work up on her asked if he could pray with her. He told her that prayer was good and maybe God would help her out. Well as you can see that faith from the doctor, my family and my wife gave us the chance to be the recipient of a miracle.

Miracles come in big and small events. Miracles have been taking place since the beginning of time. I myself am a walking miracle as God revealed to me through spirit that I had a heart issue and it saved my life literally. I was a dead man walking just waiting on a ticking time bomb in my chest to explode and kill me. After we got home I had a dream about my wife and her health. A dear friend then called me out of the blue not knowing that my wife was healed and doing great to tell me something that secured my belief in the miracles of God.

She told me that my wifes mom whom passed away in 2014 had come through to her and told her that a miracle had been sent her way and she was completely healed because God was good. She wanted us to know she was watching and that God had taken care of her little girl once again. This is a true event that took place recently in my life. A real miracle as small as it seems grows our faith in God.

Do you believe in Miracles? Have you witnessed a miracle? Is your faith in God strong enough to believe that he can heal you? How can you pursue God and his miracles in your life?

Psalm 77:14; You are the God who works wonders; you have made known your might among the peoples.


Spirit Chronicles: The Crying Lady and Angels With Candles

I dreamed I was at a massive church and everywhere I looked I saw staircases going up and down, all around.  Thousands of staircases to choose from and there were other people with me.  As we began to try and walk down a case, seven angels dressed in glowing beautiful white robes with long flowing hair began to walk up or down the staircases forming a shoulder to shoulder line where no one could get past them.  They were all carrying small candles that were lit and  glowing really bright white light that looked like Christmas candles you would see in the window of homes. They did not speak and had a presence about them that was warm and friendly.  They were all Angels of the Lord. 

Beautiful organ music was playing that was very loud and could be heard all over the world.  It was like a calling out to the people to witness the glory that was about to unfold.  I felt safe and secure knowing they were there to protect me.  As people moved up or down the stairs to run away they were absorbed by the candlelight and became part of the glow.  Each soul collected made the light brighter, warmer and pleasant to see.  It was clear God was calling his people home and collecting the souls of the saved.  Some of the people simply were pushed away not physically but just couldn;t face the Angels and turned and ran trying desperately to get away.

The flow of Angels was non stop and numbered in the millions.  Five at a time in rows five or so feet apart walking in unison and singing praises to God.  Those that were lost ran but it didn’t work.  They were eventually led into a room where there was a beautiful crying lady.  She had long hair, was young and very pretty.  Her hair was curly and long and she was quiet.  She just looked at the people and cried.  I was watching all of this from above as a third party.  I saw people step to her and plead their case and she would drop a tear and they would just vanish into a dark vacuum like tunnel. 

I deciphered this tunnel as hell and she was the lady of the church that was weeping for them because they were lost.  They chose fear and ran away from the Angels and their light.  They instead chose to run towards that tunnel and were swept away forever to suffer at the hands of their own actions, thoughts, beliefs and it had consequences.  The weeping woman was overpowering and so sad.  She was a mother of sorts and was very depressed and sad that so many people were lost during this rapture of sorts.  She just stood there and wept.  As the dream ended the thousands of steps began to disappear and go away as the Angels converged on a central location.  Some of the people fearing the consequences of the weeping woman ran and jumped off the steps and just disappeared into oblivion.

The Angels gathered and the voices, music and worship became so loud you had to cover your ears.  Then a huge light that you could not look at appeared and all the Glory of God was there at that moment and in that light tunnel was the millions of souls walking towards Heaven and the magnificent light.  God had sent a message that it is time or revival.  Time for his people to stand up for him, follow his ways and prepare for life everlasting.  As Soon as it had started the tunnel closed and the Angels and souls went to God and the world was dark.  The light was gone and those that had been left behind with the weeping woman were left to struggle, suffer and endure forever and ever.

According to Revelations Angels will serve major roles in the end of mankind and the rapture. Revelation 5:11; Then I looked, and I heard the voice of many angels surrounding the throne and the living creatures and the elders; they numbered myriads of myriads and thousands of thousands.

  • God will send the angels to become harvesters at the end time. They will harvest both the good and the evil.
  • The wicked will be judged in the presence of angels
  • There will be seven angels that will stand before the Lord with seven trumpets.
  • Before Christ returns angels will pour out seven bowls of judgment on the people of the earth (Revelation 15 and 16).

Spirit Chronicles: 9000 Feet Fall

I dreamed I was in a gigantic hotel that was as tall as the skies. I entered the building and could not see the top floor it was so high in the air. I went into the elevator and the door closed and I saw the number 9000 appear before me and the elevator began to travel upwards at a very high rate of speed. I looked across from me and a woman was also traveling in an elevator at the same rate of speed. She smiled at me and I could see that the distance between us was like a fog of sorts that I could see through and stick my hand into. It was very warm and inviting so I stuck my hand into it and a series of beautiful lights began to flow around my arm.

Suddenly the elevator stopped and we were on the 9000 floor in Heaven. I looked at the woman and she smiled at me and waved. I did not recognize her but felt like she was very nice and a kind soul. She motioned for me to step forward into the mist and when I did the floor fell out from under my feet and I fell 9000 feet to the bottom floor. I was surprised but was not afraid of the fall and knew that I was not yet ready or worthy to be on the 9000 floor with the likes of an ancient soul like that woman.

I came crashing to the ground landing on my feet and felt no pain and was amazed that I was unharmed without a scratch or muscle ache. I looked up and the elevator was gone and the sky was blue with white puffy clouds (my version of heaven) and all was well. The lady was gone and there was no sign of any building, elevator, sidewalk, woman or anything. Just beauty and peace surrounding me everywhere. I was calm, relaxed and knew that everything was going to be OK. I have been struggling a bit with things not knowing exactly how my gift will be used and what is about.

It is like giving candy to a kid and then telling them to wait until later and be patient. I struggle with patience at times and have to sit tight, pray and wait for God to truly reveal what he has in store for my life. The elevator was a sign that I am climbing up the ladder. I am making moves in my transformation as a Christian. I am growing my skills as a gifted lightworker. I am forging a deeper relationship with God almighty and have to trust him completely. I have to know that no matter what comes my way, it is what God wants for me and how he wants me to use the gifts he gave me.

I also learned in this dream that a fall from grace can happen as quickly as it takes place. I must know that grace and mercy are part of how God deals with us and we live and learn by our mistakes and choices. I chose to reach out and step into the unknown and God made sure I landed on my feet. I was told earlier this week by a spiritual guide that I had a big storm coming and God has been preparing me the whole time to deal with it. It will be the AHA moment in my life that shows me the true gift and how I can use it to help others as a light worker find God. I look forward to the battle and know God has my back!

1st Peter 4:12; Beloved, do not be surprised at the fiery trial when it comes upon you to test you, as though something strange were happening to you.


Spirit Chronicles: The Dark Wave

I dreamed I was fishing in a very nice lake and was catching fish that looked kind of like a flounder but they had human like faces. I caught them one by one and they got bigger each time. I would reel them in, take them off the hook and throw them back into the beautiful water. My dad was with me and I do not see him very often in my dreams but the is one of my guardians and shows up when things get hard for me or something bad is about to happen. He was always a huge supporter of me and continues to be in spirit. I knew him being in the vision had a meaning that a storm or hard choice may be coming soon.

I continued to fish and and we baited the hooks and caught fish after fish. Then a huge wave appeared in the east of us and it was about one hundred feet high and very dark. It was muddy colored dark brown almost black and was getting bigger and bigger. I saw it coming in the distance and wanted to continue to fish but I knew it was time to step away from the shore and seek safety. Dad looked at me and I knew it was time to reel the bait in and get away from the impending wave. My dad does not talk to me in dreams, but I can sense and know what he is telling me when he appears.

As we walked away the first of two large waves hit and the shore line crashed with muddy water and it rushed towards me but did not touch my feet. It went around me because I was protected from that storm and the ones that are coming by my dad and God’s spirit. Another larger wave hit soon and it passed as well with no damage or feat from it. The water began to clear and I woke up. My dad is with me right now as I write this vision and dream to you. He us touching the top of my head and letting me know that he is here for me.

He was a strong man in life. He was a leader of people. He took care of my mom, brothers and myself. He now does the same in spirit. I am so proud of my father and the person he was. I am so glad to have him in my life daily guarding over me. Thank You dad for being my guardian, father and spirit guide as I continue to transform spiritually into the best Christian I can and use my God given gifts to help others as you helped me.

Matthew 6;33; But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.

James 1:6; But let him ask in faith, with no doubting, for the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea that is driven and tossed by the wind.


Spirit Chronicles: We Reap What We Sew

I dreamed I was in a valley and all around me were ancient beings. These were old spirits that left the earth thousands of years ago. They were all working in fields tending to the most beautiful flowers you could ever put your eyes on. They were silent, happy and just working the fields. They were digging holes, putting in seeds and instantly a beautiful flower would pop up and grow towards the sun. Then I saw a man standing at the edge of the field and he was amazing. He was powerful and was the head of the group of ancient ones. He was overseeing them as they tended to his fields and the wonderful array of flowers.

I then saw another man at the other end and he was standing over a barren field that had no growth. A group of ancient spirits were working that field also but no crops or flowers were growing. It was barren land, wasted and all they were doing was digging holes in the ground and planting seeds but nothing grew from all the work. These ancient ones were sad, malnourished and suffering from heat exposure. The man at the edge of the field had a whip and was forcing them to do the work and labor non stop with no hope of stopping or growing anything from their seeding work.

This was the vision of what heaven and hell stands for. One one side you have the awesome and wonderful site of flowers growing after being seeded and sown as we do when we commune with God and seek him. He is the man standing at the edge of our field watching over us and seeing us reap the seeds of our good labor. The other one is the Devil watching over the people he has deceived and stole their soul forever. They are reaping what they sowed with barren soil and seeds that will never bring anything beautiful to them. All they will do is reap what they sewed when they were alive and lived a life of sin rejecting Gods role in their daily life.

This was a clear and present vision of how our choice to live a life of sin or reject that sin and repent for it is the biggest choice we make. We choose to reap good or bad seeds in life. We will be held to account for those choices after we pass into the spirit realm. Choose wisely my friends and family. God calls us to reap good seeds and sew love, honor, respect, and other good things in life. The Devil deceives us into sewing sinful seeds of lust, abuse, violence, drugs and the other things that bring us down and make our ground barren and unworkable.

Galatians 6:7; Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap.

Job 4:8; As I have seen, those who plow iniquity and sow trouble reap the same.


Life Hacks 101: 10 Ways to Organize and Maintain Life

Today I was looking at ways to reset my organization and get my life back on the track I wanted it to be on. It is easy to get off track at times and if we do we must then do a reset. It is not as simple as hitting a reset button, but it is not complicated either. Below are ten ways you can use to organize, reset and maintain a good life free of stress, anxiety and anger. Try one or all and see how it works for you. You can make your own list and go with that. If you have realized your off track, hit the reset and push forward and live your best life.

1st Corinthians 14:40; But all things should be done decently and in order.

Proverbs 10:4; A slack hand causes poverty, but the hand of the diligent makes rich.

  1. Develop good habits and build a daily routine. Being on a routine helps you at work, in life, with family and in general. It keeps you on track and helps you maintain a pattern of positivity.
  2. Plan ahead- Avoid last minute decisions, actions and reactions. Planning your day, your week your vacation and other life activity will keep you on track.
  3. Be consistent with life and relationships. Consistency adds to the routine and keeps stress away from your life.
  4. Know yourself- Know who you are and what you are about. Take a good look at the person in the mirror on occasion to reset any inconsistencies you see happening.
  5. Life life with a positive attitude- Life will beat you up, will have ups and downs but the attitude you pursue life with will determine how things go and the consistency you need to be sane, mentally stable and reactionary to these events.
  6. Expect things to go wrong at times. A plan is great and in life we will get off track from those plans. Be on the lookout for these times and adjust your actions and reactions to meet them head on. Do not allow these things to derail your life and patterns.
  7. Seek balance in life. Balancing life, family, work, activity, and all the other obligations require planning, commitment and energy.
  8. Declutter and simplify when possible- If you feel overwhelmed by constantly cleaning things then declutter. Simplify life by living simpler and being smarter with your time and energy. Down size, use basic things, meet your needs and not wants and see how that will declutter and simplify your life.
  9. Automate everything you can- Pay your bills electronically, use delivery services, use the internet and services designed to make life less complicated. Doing this frees up time, stress, reduces anxiety and gives you better organization in life.
  10. Measure your life progress- How are you doing with life, stress, organization, goals, family, friends and commitments. Measure it and hold yourself accountable to a better organized and stress free life.

Faith: Christian Character

Being a person of faith requires us to be committed to a cause of good and right. We must stand firm, stand strong and be faithful in life. Today I was reading the Bible about good character and being a good person. Character is defined as the actions, reactions, morals, views and mental awareness of a person. God defines character in Galatians 5: 22-23; as “the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law”. Lets take a quick look at each of these characteristics of a good person as given to us by God. These are his expectations for life and being of good character.

Love- Loving others is the first step to building relationships, managing relationships and living your best life. We have to love one another through the good, bad and ugly.

Joy- We must live a life of joy. We must have inner peace and joy in our lives to maintain a healthy relationship with people and God. God is joy so live life with joy.

Peace- Living a life that is full of strife, anxiety and craziness does not offer peace. We need peace in life to have a healthy attitude and mental outlook.

I could go on and on about all of these virtues, characteristics God calls us to have. I only ask that you sit down, do some thinking, do some research and reading about what it takes to be of good character. If you follow this simple verse from God’s word you can live your best life and meet his expectations along the way. Submit yourself to being kind, patient, loving, faithful, gentle and good. Read the verses below for more word of God on how to live your life and be the best character you can. That will let your light shine to others and make the world a better place for all.

Philippians 4:8; Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.

Romans 12:2; Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.

1st Corinthians 15:31; Do not be deceived: “Bad company ruins good morals.”


Faith: Being A Man of Godly Character

In Proverbs 6: 16-19 the Bible tells us that “There are six things that the Lord hates, seven that are an abomination to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that make haste to run to evil, a false witness who breathes out lies, and one who sows discord among brothers”. I have known men on both sides of this aisle. I know men that are faithful, good fathers, hard working, compassionate and loving. I also know some men that are scum bags, bad fathers, self loathing, disrespectful, criminals and very bad examples of what a man should be.

I make the decision to be around men of character not those that are bad examples. God had called all men to be of good character and faith. He has called us to be examples of good, hard working, honest, forthright and champions of a great cause. He did not call us to be criminals, drug addicts, murderers, bad fathers, drug pushers, violent, controlling and all the other sinful ways the world promotes. God gave us choice when we were created and we live and die by those choices. I often ask people what is your why and how can you be the best you can be. I ask men why they chose themselves over the kids, spouse and family.

In 2nd Peter 1: 5-8; the Bible also tells us how to be a good man with Godly character. “For this very reason, make every effort to supplement your faith with virtue, and virtue with knowledge, and knowledge with self-control, and self-control with steadfastness, and steadfastness with godliness, and godliness with brotherly affection, and brotherly affection with love. For if these qualities are yours and are increasing, they keep you from being ineffective or unfruitful in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ”.

Being a Godly man, a leader, a father, a hard worker, a mentor, a husband, and most importantly a Christian example is hard. It requires time, energy and patience. It requires commitment, dedication, discipline and determination to be a winner as a Man and in life. Choosing to be anything else less is a let down for the family unit, the kids and the world. We choose our path, we walk our path and we are rewarded for those decisions in life. What kind of man are you and how do you live your life. Below are five ways to get on the path of being the best you can and live the life as a Godly man as called for by our father and God.

  1. Live life with a servant heart. Being a good man, father, son, brother, worker, companion, husband and mentor requires a servant heart. God calls us to serve and lead!
  2. Pray daily asking for Gods guidance, influence, grace, mercy and forgiveness. Seek God and he will bless you and guide your decisions on life.
  3. Take a look at your current status as a man and see what changes may need to be made to be a better man.
  4. Make your family the priority in life. Do not choose other activity over your wife and kids.
  5. Do not talk about it, be about it. Be the man you are called to be by God.

Ephesians 6:4; Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.

Romans 8:14; For all who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God.


Spirit Chronicles: The Four Guardians of Good

I dreamed I was at my nanny’s house and was surrounded by people I did not know.  They were talking to me randomly and I couldn’t see their mouths move but I could hear them.  There was a Crew of guys standing outside the door watching over the door.  Four of them and they were all selling these t shirts that read “don’t fall for his trickery”.  The people in the room were all divided by race, color, creed and nationality.  Then I went into the other room and it was peaceful and all was well with no division.  The people were randomly mixed with all races, nationalities and creeds as one group.  They were checking everyone to see who was good and who was evil and divided them by room.  

The four guards were fighting off the evil influences of the Devil and his satanic messages and placing people where they belonged based on the decisions they had made.  God sent them as guardians of the good and they were Angels that sealed the fate of the lost or saved based on the decisions they made.  These guardians were fighting the good fight and sorting the souls of the dead based on God’s word and not the word of politicians, activists and large social media companies. 

I was able to move between the two of them to see what was happening so I could send a message to the lost to stop being deceived, brainwashed and turn to God before it is too late.  The dream showed me where we are and where we need to go.  It showed me that choices are what determine our fate not as humans but in eternal life.  

If a person was divisive, angry, resentful or spoke of the pagan ways that have spread across the country and world they were placed in the first room.  That room was for the lost souls that were brainwashed into the devils views and the current thought process of constant racism, bigotry, divisiveness, rioting and lawlessness.  These people were representative of the things listed in the Bible that are against humanity and God’s favor. 

The other room were the people that saw good in the world.  People that were inclusive and divisive.  People that were followers of God and not the sickness that has infected our country and world with the thought process that anything goes and is OK.  The message was clear that the choices people make will eventually seal their fate when they leave this world.  

Room one was the Devil’s den, a place where anything goes and brainwashed people that have fallen to the huge social media, large corporations and divisive groups led by suspect people on a power trip seeking not true justice or real change.  But money, greed, power and control over the minds of those.  These so-called leaders are using the media to spread their fake values that promote unGodly behaviors and thought processes.  The second room was those that resist the temptation and see the true light and the world as it really is.  A world that loves others, where people are good and seek God and his word.  It was a dream about good versus evil and how things will end for those based on these choices. 

Romans 8:1; There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.

2nd Timothy 3: 1-5; But understand this, that in the last days there will come times of difficulty. For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, heartless, unappeasable, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not loving good, treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power. Avoid such people.

Ephesians 6:12; For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.


Health- Getting Refocused on Weight Loss Goals

I began a weight loss journey around a year ago and tried various ways to lose some pounds I was carrying around with me for far too long. I worked out at the gym, drank water, cut out all sugar, eat veggies, walked and tried Keto and other plans. I always would lose some weight and then would plateau and get frustrated. In January of 2021 I had just gotten out of the hospital from a Covid sickness and had dropped about 15 pounds in an obvious unhealthy way. I just could not eat much and didn’t feel like eating at all so the pounds came off quickly and I looked terrible. I decided once I got my energy and appetite back that I would use that bad experience as a kick start to a healthier me.

I had eaten unhealthy for too long and honestly probably got Covid because I was a classic case of symptoms being overweight, diabetic and unhealthy. I almost died in that hospital and at that point I vowed to never go back to the old habits I had. Well that commitment is easier said than done. Talking about something and doing something about it are two different things. That is when I seen an old friend that had lost about 75 pounds and he looked amazing. He had completely changed his way of eating and living and I took his advice and began my weight loss journey. It was hard at first and still remains a challenge but with patience and perseverance I know I will accomplish my goals.

I began a plan and stayed on it solid for the first six weeks and by early June I had dropped about 40 pounds and was feeling so much better. I had went from 340 pounds to 300 and that was one of my biggest goals was to see that 300 pound marl again for the first time in over 25 years. Then I got sick and my wife got sick and it set me back a few weeks but I continued to fight and do the best I could and then I got down to 290. I was amazed that I was at that weight and I know that sounds like a lot of weight but to see that total was truly a blessing. Then a few things came about in life that began to set me back.

These things began to get in the way of my daily schedule I ran and how I was eating. I became less disciplined and was eating things I had gotten away from. I was starting to gain some weight back and was moving away from my goal instead of going towards it. Today I was 296.5 so I am up 6.5 pounds from where I was a few weeks ago. I looked in the mirror today and scolded myself a bit and told myself I had to be accountable for my actions and be disciplined when it came to managing my health, body, emotions, and actions. So I did some reading and found some tips that have helped me get back on track.

I will get back to the 290 mark and then head for 280. Then 270 and so on with an eventual goal of 220. It will take me over a year or maybe even longer to see 220 but I will do it if I follow the plan, stay on track, make good decisions and stay disciplined. Below is a list of ways you can get back on track if you get off target or track from reaching your weight loss and health goals. God Bless and I pray you all have a wonderful remaining and healthy 2021.

  1. Take a look at where you are and how you got there. If you set a goal look at it and see how you are doing towards it.
  2. Be honest with yourself and know that losing weight, getting healthy and correcting the mistakes of the past will not be easy and will come with bumps in the road.
  3. Refocus on your eating patterns, the foods you are digesting and how often you eat.
  4. Never eat when your famished. That causes you to over eat and gives you temporary satisfaction but is a big setback to goals.
  5. Drink a minimum of 64 ounces of water daily. Drinking lots of water is very healthy and also keeps you full.
  6. Avoid the pitfalls of old habits like eating fatty foods, greasy foods, and unhealthy snacks. These are the things that created the situation you are currently in so doing this only sets you back.
  7. Set new goals, track them by logging what you eat, weigh every now and then and watch the results take place.
  8. Stick to it. Do not give up. Do not make excuses. Do not let food overtake you. Stay focused and win the battle of the bulge!
  9. Pray for Gods guidance, grace and mercy in your life.
  10. Win by eating to live and not living to eat!

Spirit Chronicles: Grandmother Ghost In the Room and the Old Spirits

I dreamed I was at my grandmothers house walking down the short hallway that seemed so big when I was small child. As I walked by my grandmothers room I looked into the room and on her bed I saw a spirit sitting on the bed and I was a child so it scared me. I ran down the hallway to hide in the closet from it but it never came after me. So I found the strength and courage to go look again and I seen nothing so I walked into the room and sat down on the bed to see what was happening thinking maybe I had just been seeing things. I sat for a few minutes and nothing happened but I felt a presence in the room but it felt friendly to me. I can sense the difference between good and bad spirits and this one was calming and soothing.

I waited and nothing happened so I laid down to rest and then the covers moved and the spirit appeared again so I jumped up and walked back into the hallway. The apparition formed into a ball of energy about the size of a softball and followed me into the living room where I then saw five of my deceased family members sitting there smiling at me. The spirit ball came into the room and I felt the urge to touch it and so I put my hands out and it went into my palm and settled into it just floating. I felt a sudden rush of positive energy and seen images of when I was a child at my grandmothers house. I saw mini biscuits, watermelon and rice with gravy. These were things my grandmother cooked every Sunday after church for the family. She never wasted any biscuit doe and used the end pieces left over as little mini biscuits and they were so good with the gravy she made.

I looked over at the others in the room and they were all smiling at me and just sitting there. I did not recognize them but knew they were old spirits that passed generations ago that I am distant kin to on my moms side of the family. As a child in the dream I was amazed, confused and dazed at what was happening to me and wanted to so badly communicate with the others. I told them “hey look at this ball” and the older spirits stuck there hands out towards me and smiled again as if to acknowledge what I was saying. They stood up and walked into the other room and were gone. The ball of light turned its path leaving my grip and floated back into the bedroom and as it did it began to get bigger and bigger. The spirit settled into the bed and I saw the sheets move as if it were climbing into bed.

That is the side my grandmother slept on and she was making a visit to tell me she was watching over me. My wife and I have some things going on that we are concerned about and I have been in prayer about it and seeking Gods grace and guidance. I have seen my grandmother in several dreams and she always visits me in various forms other than her original look. As I write this I can see her sitting on the couch surrounded by family, laughing and loving her kids and grandkids. She left a legacy of family, tradition and strength for such a small woman. One that continues to be with us in spirit as a guide and protector until we take the final step of human life and join her one day.


Spirit Chronicles: Mom, Aunt Beona, Grandmother and The Old Camping Cabin

Last night I dreamed that I was at a camping ground staying in an old wooden structure and my mom and aunt were with me sitting around a camp fire relaxing. There was another older spirit there which is one of my spirit guides. This lady has long silver hair, is very pretty and in her 80’s. I believe this to be one of my great grandmothers on my moms side. She has been very active in my dreams and visions the last six months since I awoke and had the transformation with God and spirit. We were trying to relax and there were three men that looked pretty rough and they were mean spirited. They kept hitting me in the mouth by running by and sneaking up on me from behind the door, out of the walls and from the woods. Before the dream ended I had lost five teeth total and saw myself looking in the mirror to see a bloody mouth and five teeth missing from my mouth.

They all came from the side of my mouth so I could see the blood in the back of my mouth. I looked like I had been in a boxing match. These three guys had faces that were hard to see and moved around like your watching a 3D movie without glasses. This signified to me that they were dark spirits trying to mess with me and hurt me. My mom, aunt and grandmother came through to help me from these guys. I was fighting them the best I could, but with three of them I didn’t have much of a chance against all of them. My grandmother stood at the door and she is an older soul spirit so she pushed them back once they had beat me enough to knock my teeth lose and out.

My mom and aunt were by my side telling me to stay strong, have faith and fight for my life. I am not sure what this fight for my life stuff is about and will have to study on it, think about it and see where that leads. After they stopped the attack and we pushed them away my grandmother sat down in an old rocking chair and just looked at me with a beautiful smile that was very reassuring to me. It made the pain of the fights go away and my mom and aunt just stood by ready to defend me in a moments notice. No one talked, but I could hear what they were saying to me. My mom smiled at me like the picture of her I have on my desk and it just made me know she was there and has my back against evil and darkness. When you transform into a more spiritual person the devil sends his demons to attack you. The devil wants to scare you into not being who God is calling you to be.

I have been attacked many times in my sleep so go read some of those stories on my blog posting for further details. Before I awoke my mom and grandmother cleaned me up, wiping it all away and I saw a new man in the mirror. I didn’t look like myself but I knew it was me staring back at me in the mirror. My mom has protected me several times over the last nine months and is constantly watching over me at all times. God sends us all Angels and Spirit guides to assist us and keep us safe from evil. We have to ask for their help and give thanks for their presence in our lives. I am thankful I got to be at an old camp ground in that old building with my mom, aunt and grandmother. As for the evil trio, we will likely see them again but with Gods help, faith and my guides I will continue to be a light warrior for God to show people the light of heaven.


Spirit Chronicles: Transformed Near Death Experience

Back in September of 2020 I had a heart issue that lead me to having a surgery procedure. I went into the hospital to get a reactively simple procedure that is completed daily all across the world to fix clogged and sealed off arteries in a persons heart. It all started with breathing issues, chest pain, and a miracle from Heaven that saved my life. I was given a message from a family friend that is very gifted that my mom from heaven had shown her I had chest and heart issues. She told me that I had two blockages with one being in my main artery and another small one. The average person might think this to be crazy or out there, but for me it was a clear sign that I needed to go to the doctor. Long story short, I went to the doctor and was immediately scheduled for a heart procedure to see what was happening and fix anything.

I had told the doctor the reason I was there and who advised me (a message from heaven) that I had heart issues that needed to be resolved immediately. Imagine telling your doctor that when they ask who referred you to see them and why you think your having heart issues. The doctor picked at me a bit about it in a kind way and scheduled the procedure. I reported to the hospital, was prepped and went into the surgery that morning. That is when the :Transformation” happened. During the procedure something happened and I remember the event vividly to this day. I was under a local anesthesia and was able to talk and hear what was happening around me. During the procedure I remember a brief time when I was suddenly looking out at the ceiling just staring and felt so light and calm. I was not seeing the ceiling tiles or lights. Instead I was seeing the beautiful blue sky and wonderful clouds.

This went on for several minutes and during that time I remember seeing myself lying on the table and being worked on. I also remember the doctor asking me “Mr. Bowers, are you with us”. Mr. Bowers, can you hear me”. Mr. Bowers, talk to us”. I didn’t pay this much attention until later on when I realized after talking to my doctor that I had somehow either died or had some type of near death experience on that table. His exact words were “you scared the shit out of us for a short time:. He then said “did you leave your body”? This triggered me to realize that I had “transformed” that day. God had given me a new gift at the time and used that opportunity to awaken something in me that I felt was always there but was not sure about.

I left that hospital a different person, with a changed soul, with ability that I did not understand. I could suddenly see things, sense things, fell things and hear things that I could not before. I had changed or “transformed” and God had used his spirit to change me and allow me to help others change. I titled the name of this blog Heavenly notices for that very reason. God had allowed my mom (one of my spirit guides) to communicate to me an issue with my heart. Oh, by the way the doctor also told me that everything I told him in the interview prior to the procedure was 100% accurate down to the actual clots and where they were located.

Soon after going home all the dreams, visions, messages, and spiritual activity began to come along. It grows daily and I am guided by God and his spirit as I patiently learn to use what I was gifted when I died or “transformed” on that table. All the many instances I have written about on this blog from the early age of nine to my mid fifties wrapped back to a gift I had but did not know how to use. I thank God for the gift and what it will develop into. I thank God for my guardians and Angels that guide and protect me. I will continue to write about my dreams, visions and experiences as they happen. Embrace the gifts God give us and flourish in life.


Writing: Seven Common Mistakes Beginning Bloggers Make

Beginning to blog is a is something millions of people do. They wrote about their niche, interests and activities. I like to write a variety of things mostly human interest topics like this. For me it keeps things fresh and is not just so regular. Just this week I wrote about financial matters, memories growing up and now about starting a blog. I like most people went into it thinking it was simple. Get a site, name it, start posting and watch the money roll in. Well I paid for the site, designed it myself and the following is coming along. However, I have made no $ so far blogging,. I do it to enjoy writing and telling stories that inspire and motivate people. Whatever your why is for blogging is up to you. What you want from it is up to you. So with that in mind I wrote some thoughts down about the common mistakes people make when starting a blog. I have made most if not all of these myself.

1- Do not assume it is easy to begin, maintain and grow your following. There are literally millions of blogs, blogs sites, bloggers and it is a thriving industry. But it takes patience, time and energy to start, keep going and grow.

2- Do not assume what you are writing is what others want to hear. You may love puppy dogs and write about your puppy dogs daily. But if people are not following it will become frustrating. So write a variety of things and see what hits with people. My best hits are generally human interest stories, motivational topics and life stories.

3- You must eventually find a product to sell to generate income. Blogging itself generally pays nothing. Find ways to monetize your site once you get the hits coming in.

4- Be careful about spending lots of money on ads, ad services and other ways to promote the site. If you are not producing income to cover the cost then you are just wasting time, money and energy you could pour into something else.

5- You get writers block or just start copying and pasting stuff from the internet. This is a common mistake that writers face when they are tired after a long day at work at their real job.

6- Not using your own social media as a means to develop a following. This is a way I actually grew my following but I also have to know that at some point not every contact on my social media accounts want to read everything I post everyday.

7- New bloggers do not have a plan in place for short term, mid term and long term goals. Set goals, track the results and adjust as needed to stay motivated.

Blogging like any other opportunity requires time, energy, commitment and money. To make it grow and expand you must put the work in. Whether you make money or not, tell your story and live your best life.

Coach B!


Inspiration: Lack of Motivation

We all know a few people that just lack motivation in life. Motivation to get out of bed, work, take care of obligations, care for others, take care of the family and generally just be a lump of coal in society. What drives a person to become that unmotivated about living life is the big question? How do we lose our motivation to become what we can and to overcome life’s hurdles and obstacles. How do we find ourselves unmotivated to be a good father, mother, friend, worker or person. In reading up on it and reading some Bible verses today I found a few things that hit home and I can see some of these things in people I encounter, work with, know or coach.

Not having motivation is having no plan. It is a direct correlation to a lack of success in life. That lack of success breeds issues, laziness, self doubt and many other inner conditions humans face. First I will address some common causes of lack of motivation and what may cause it in people.

1- They have emotional baggage holding them back.

2- They are not goal oriented people.

3- They play the blame game.

4- They want things done for them (welcome to the new world).

5- They make excuses for their lack of motivation. (sick, tired, unhealthy, not popular, not smart, people do not like them, blah, blah, blah).

6- They have suffered some significant setbacks and just gave up on life.

There are many other things that describe what may have happened to a person that shows a lack of motivation. Now lets talk about how they can come out of this “motivational funk” and move forward in life, work, family and play.

1- Get off your butt and do something.

2- Quit blaming others and point the finger at yourself.

3- Get over yourself (pity party) and take action to change your life.

4- Set goals, think about your dreams and visions and apply yourself daily.

5- Look at setbacks, pitfalls, disappointments and other unwanted life events as opportunity.

6- Change your routine, start the day earlier, drop bad habits, sleep more, eat better.

Lastly, to overcome a lack of motivation no one can do it for you. I can write down 10,000 ways to beat a lack of motivation, but you have to be the one to do it. No one owes you anything in life. Quit being a victim and start being productive. Quit expecting a handout and get a job. Stop blaming mom, dad, family, mistakes, the police, the neighbor, the person that looks different from you and look in the mirror. Attack your day with vigor, pride and work hard. Hard work can beat anything life throws at you!

Proverbs 14:23; In all toil there is profit, but mere talk tends only to poverty.

1st Corinthians 15:58; Therefore, my beloved brothers, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that in the Lord your labor is not in vain.

Coach B!


Professional Growth: Top Ten Skills Needed for Success In Todays World of Work

Today we are talking about ten essential job and life skills that are a must in todays world of work to remain competitive, grow and drive your life and career to meet your financial goals.  Most of these come with time, energy, experience and just putting in the hours on the job learning.  As a high school teacher trying to prepare students for how they want to work, live and play after graduation I always spend time teaching these ten principles, having them complete job skill assessments, personal inventories, learning style inventories and identifying their strengths and areas of opportunity.  We all have specific areas of strength that guide our daily work ethic and help to deliver results needed to be successful on the job and in the career.

We all have areas of growth or opportunity areas that we must also attack and work to grow as these may be holding us back in life, on the job and in relationships.  Taking an active role in understanding your current skill set, being open and honest to feedback and setting a plan to grow is a must in todays world.  We all live, work and play in a very fast paced world that has changed a bunch over the years.  Technology and automation pretty much drive everything now so there has to be an emphasis on those skills for sure.  Most of students are wiz kids at using social media applications and other fun entertainment systems.  However, most of them are clueless on actual applications that are used on the job such as word, power point, coding apps, google docs, etc.  

With all this said below is a short list of the ten things that will help you grow, make more money and compete in the 21st Century and beyond.

1- Communication Skills- I am not talking about social media apps.  I am talking about actual conversation with a person.  Having the ability to write an email that is professional and to the point.  Being able to look someone in the eye, acknowledge them and stay on task while having a conversation.

2- Problem Solving Skills- Can you react to situations, problems, setbacks and other events without being a drama queen or king.  Can you overcome problems in life, work, relationships and deal with these in a positive and contributing mannerism.  Many young people do not have the social skills to solve problems, so work on this area constantly to grow.

3- Teamwork- Are you a team player or a rogue employee?  Many of our new generation have been raised to think life is al about them and they are number one. Bringing this mentality into a job often results in the issues I have already addressed and will be adding.  Suddenly, they are part of an organization with team goals, corporate slogans, ideals and requirements and it can be challenging for self-centered people.  Put your kids in little leagues, bands, groups, YMCA and urban leagues to teach them they are part of the big world and the skills to contribute as a team member for the greater good of all.

4- Initiative- Do you take care of things without being told what to do?  Are you driven to deliver results without people overseeing you and telling you what to do, how to do it and when?  Will you step up and be a leader in the office, job and in life when the opportunity presents itself.  Taking initiative is a key to success in life.  Those that try to manage career, family and life without pressing forward into it often struggle.  Build initiative by making small positive changes in your lifestyle and seek opportunity to grow this area.

5- Analytical Skills- Can you analyze things, data, problems and situations to find a solution or seek opportunities to make them better.  Being able to dive into data, information, knowledge, and read about topics of interest is key to success.  Being analytical requires to see the opportunity, analyze the information, make a list of possible fixes and implement the solution.  Work to grow these skills as you press forward in life.

6- Professionalism- Are you a consistent professional with all the things listed above and below?  Do you have integrity, do you take responsibility for your actions and behaviors?  Do people want to be around you, work with you and feed off of your positive vibes?  Being a professional in the way you dress, speak, act and behave is likely the number one key to holding a career job and moving forward.

7- Leadership- What is your interest in leading people, organizations, community and businesses?  Leadership skills are developed on the job, at home, by taking classes, going to seminars and many other ways.  Leaders are are not demanding, overbearing or aggressive to the point of being a jerk.  Leaders are empathetic, understanding, share knowledge, grow their peoples skills and hold themselves and those around them accountable.  Developing leadership skills is the way to growth, more money, responsibility and being out in front of the competition.  Work on your leadership skills constantly, never take a day off from it and grow.

8- Detail Oriented-  Are you a detail person or scatter brained?  We are all wired different way but being detail oriented especially in a job with those requirements is key to a long and lasting career.  Is your level of work and detail of high quality that delivers results needed and required by your boss, company or customers.  Delivering on time commitments, promises and contracts is huge to making $ and growing your own business, growing on the job or building an empire.

9- Digital Technology- Most employers deliver the training required for on the job production, applications, machines, computers and programs needed to complete work assignments.  Growing your digital skills will enable you to take them with you and are always transferrable to other occupations, jobs and self employment interest.  Grow these skills, utilize them and think out of the box when learning new digital skills and never go into an interview and refer to snapchat, Instagram and other apps as digital skills needed on the job.  

10- Adaptability- Are you adaptable and adjust to change quickly?  Can you take quick feedback, assignments and challenges and go after them quickly, orderly and deliver results.  Do you stress out easily when change hits you or do you attack it, think about it, breath and overcome?  Learn to adapt to nature, jobs, weather, career moves, challenges, sickness, health, body, mental and spiritual issues.  Grow this skills and you can overcome all of the things on this list and become the most productive career, family and community oriented person possible.

I wish you all the best, hope for your continued success, growth and opportunity in the world.  Focus on your strengths, grow your areas of opportunity and live, work, and play with vigor and always be intentional.

God Bless! Coach B


Relationships: Dump Them Now- Five Signs To Avoid In A New Relationship

Today I am writing about toxic relationships and how they can destroy families, friendships, marriages and cause chaos.  I have been fortunate in my life to find a loving and wonderful wife that seeks a great relationship with me.  We get along mostly, disagree at times, but in the end we are together and strong.  I see this in many of my friends and family as well.  Positive, supporting and loving relationships that are far from perfect, but in the scheme of things are solid.  Then comes the reason I am writing this today as I see so many toxic relationships, people unhappy, angry, upset and constantly fighting.

These are very unhealthy and will eventually destroy the relationship, create hostility and resentment which leads to divorce, breaking up or worse (possible abuse).  I put together a quick list of five warning signs you should avoid once you see them come to light.  As soon as one of these pops up, you best get out now or eventually face chaos, fighting, anger and possible depression.  I have seen many people try to “change” someone, but lets be real.  People will only change if they want to so sitting in wait hoping he or she will change more often than none leads to disappointment and wasted time and effort.  

1- Impulsive behavior- If you recognize that the person is very impulsive emotionally, has an addiction or gets angry very fast get out now.  If they live impulsively in life, how can live wisely in a relationship with you or others.  These people may lack integrity, commitment and jump from relationship to relationship. Do they have the ability to show self control when taking care of family, kids and responsibilities. If they are a heavy drinker, tend to take themselves over others then get out now.

2- History of Bad Relationships- These people have been in destructive relationships and have lots of emotional baggage they have not gotten past.  They will find things you do to be annoying and it will trigger memories eventually creating chaos, confusion, lack of confidence and commitment issues. They will put words into your mouth and spin things as they see them.  They will dislike previous spouses, friends or relatives over the hurt that they likely had something to do with.  Bitter, selfish and hateful. 

3- Only Gets excited when you do something nice for them- These are gold diggers, looking to advance in life and are conceited.  They can be selfish, self-loathing and want it all without putting in the effort.  These people eventually mooch enough or do not support in the relationship that leads to a breakup or argument.  They should want to be with you because of who you are and not because of what you have.  Once they are done with you they may move on or get someone on the side to satisfy their needs to have money and stuff.

4- Immediately Jump Into Bed on First Date- These people are driven by sin of the flesh and a desire to conquer.  They have self-esteem issues or are conceited and not concerned about the emotional impact it may have on the partner. They are as the old song says “Looking For Love in All the Wrong Places” and may have a long list of sexual history you should avoid.  Instant attraction is a human nature but the lack of self control on a first date or two could be a sign to get out now.  If they are tempting you sexually before getting to know you, then they are about the flesh and not the heart. 

5- They play head games with you- This is a sign that they do not know how to be in a productive relationship.  They confuse you with nice Oneday, grumpy the next.  Today things are good, tomorrow is a a bad day and you feel like you are on a roller coaster ride all the time.  This is chaotic, unhealthy and not productive.  They keep you guessing and play games.  Show a lack of interest and emotion and keep you off balance.  They have bad intentions and are selfish and playing games.

To recap just remember that a person that has good intentions will show it early.  They will be committed, honest, kind and supportive.  Set your standards high and avoid any of the above like a plague.  Eventually they will end up with someone just like them in a toxic relationship and ride that roller coaster if anger, resentment, self-loathing, fear, lack of confidence and destructive behavior.  Two bible verses below for you to read.  The first describes a healthy relationship and the second describes a destructive one.  This is all you need to judge on going forward.  If you are blessed to be in a healthy relationship then Thank God for that and pray for growth.  If you are in a destructive relationship then ask God for help, seek his guidance about it.

What kind of love are you seeking in a partner?

Does the person you are with display nay of the list above?

If you are in a destructive relationship can you walk away, are you strong enough?

1st Corinthians 13: 4-7, “Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things”.

Galatians 5: 19-21, “Now the works of the flesh are evident: sexual immorality, impurity, sensuality, idolatry, sorcery, enmity, strife, jealousy, fits of anger, rivalries, dissensions, divisions, envy, drunkenness, orgies, and things like these. I warn you, as I warned you before, that those who do such things will not inherit the kingdom of God”


Americana: Christmas Tree Ornaments

This weekend my wife and I went to Myrtle Beach to buy an ornament at our favorite Christmas store.  The store is at Barefoot Landing as is called the Christmas Mouse.  It has every kind of decoration and ornament a person would want.  About every kind of interest from traditional, country, city, sports, hobbies and about anything one would want.  We have been going to this store for twenty years or more to get ornaments for our family tree.  Ornaments are a tradition in our family and we have filled the family tree up with them at this point.

The store brings back memories of traveling to the beach with my family, mom and dad and friends.  We always find time to go by the Christmas Mouse and grab some ornaments.  The store smells so good with all the wonderful greenery, candles, and traditional Christmas smells that reminds us that the Holiday is upon us.  Even if you go in the summer time when most people head to the beach, it makes you feel Christmas in July and those special memories we all make this time of year.  The wife and I grabbed an unusual amount of ornaments and gifts this time, as it had been several years since we came down to the beach.

We have filled up our family eight foot tree with all the ornaments from our family, my parents, her parents and others that we collected.  My daughters even in their mid 20’s still love to decorate the tree and argue over where to place certain special ornaments on the front of the tree.  As you can see ornaments are very special to me and bring back a flood of memories from my childhood growing up with my brothers, parents and family.  If you have never collected or spent time with ornaments, may I suggest you begin a new family tradition and begin to build your tree.  

We have ornaments that are priceless to us, ornaments that are so special because they were either hand made by our girls at school or church or came from our parents and grandparents.  These ornaments have a powerful spirit about them, they show the light of love, faith and the reason we should all celebrate Christmas.  The traditional reason has become gifting one another, following traditions and history.  But the real reason we celebrate Christmas was the ultimate gift from God.  He gave us Jesus Christ as a gift, a gift that is above all and one that is free for us to accept.

Just as ornaments are special to us, so is our relationship with God, his son Jesus and the spirit of Christmas.  Do something special this year and give someone you love ornaments as a reminder of your love for them.  It will be something special that will never go unforgotten and can be passed down to their kids.  I wish everyone reading this a very merry Christmas and a wonderfully happy new year filled with love, patience, grace and mercy.  Let us all show the kindness and messages of Christmas Ornaments this season to those we know, strangers and all others.  

God Bless!  Coach B


Relationships: Conflict Resolution vs. Conflict Escalation

This week I have been working with my students in class on social emotional skills to help them grow their ability to get along better with peers at school, online and at home.  As a veteran teacher I have seen my fair share of conflicts between students, staff and their peers.  Most of the conflicts are honestly teenage drama that revolves around he said, she said stuff.  In today’s world of the instant messaging on the thousands of applications things can escalate quickly. 

It is not just teenagers though, I see here and there husbands, wives, sisters, brothers and friends going back and forth arguing their points or posting stuff in an attempt to start trouble or fuel the fire.  By the way, my students refer to Facebook as the application for (older people).  I guess I am old because I have a Facebook page. Anyways, back to the drama and how to resolve it.  My students have found out that as soon as they tell me what is happening, the first thing I ask them is did you see it, hear it, feel it or witness anything about it.  If not, then it did not happen and it is time to move on. 

That works sometimes, but often they just cannot let it go because they are lacking the social-emotional skills to work through the conflict, find a common ground or just move on.  Adults alike often struggle with social-emotional skills as well when they are facing tough situations in life.  I actually saw an event yesterday at school during cross country practice as I was directing the team in some running drills that drove home the point that conflict resolution skills are lacking for many people.

We are on the track running some warmup laps and hear a car hit the brakes real fast stopping right in the middle of the road near the track.  A man jumps out the window as the female driver is trying to roll it up on him to trap him in the car. He falls out of the window onto the ground, gets up and his pants fall to his knees and he starts to run from the car while trying to pull his pants up from the knees. 

He falls down on the curb and as he is getting up, the female puts the car in reverse and slams on the gas driving backwards about twenty feet wide open.  He gets to his feet and hollers at her to chill out and she throws the car in forward and proceeds to try to run over him.  At this point my kids are just memorized by the craziness going on up on the road.  

The guy takes off running across our campus parking lot and the driver hits the gas and jumps a curb in her mid 2000’s white Pontiac four door tearing the bumper off and damaging the sidewalk and grass.  She jumps the curb goes down a small hill barely missing the stadium fence and the guy is running wide open and looking back to see where she is. 

She is driving like a maniac and screaming out the window explicative words that I cannot type on my blog.  He runs into a mans yard so she drives across the parking lot and into the mans yard almost hitting his truck in the process.  She slams on brakes, backs up and takes off after him as he is running behind the house and in the process she tore up his yard as well.  

At this point I have called 911 because we have kids on campus and this is taking place near the YMCA entrance also with lots of traffic coming in and out.  The guys keeps running and weaves in and out of several yards going behind houses as she pursues him wide open with no regard for anyone else or their property.  She was dead set on resolving the conflict by running over him and I do not know what he said to her, but man she was pissed off at him. 

The guy keeps running and she spends the next few minutes cruising back and forth, up and down the road screaming for him and telling him to come get in the car.  A few minutes later the police show up and she decides it was time to get gone, unfortunately running from the police didn’t end well for her as she got caught.

I tell this true story that just happened yesterday to say that this young lady and man obviously have some issues to work on after she gets out of jail for attempted murder or whatever the charges will be.  So now lets talk about how we can avoid conflict and work to resolve it if we run into issues with family, friends, co-workers and strangers.  I pulled some conflict resolution strategies from my recent presentation to my students and listed them below.  God wants us to resolve conflict by being kind, understanding and patient with others.  He does the same for us so we owe it to him to do the same.

Lets define conflict resolution first and then talk about easy steps to become better at resolving conflicts instead of escalating them by trying to run over everyone we disagree with.  To resolve something is to come to an agreement, to communicate a resolution or come to an impasse about a topic of discussion.  You may define it however you want, but we all need to learn to resolve and not escalate.

1- Do not become offended by what others say to you so easily.  Breathe and think about your response before getting all up in your feelings.

2- Do not attack using any sentence that begins with “you”.  This is placing blame on the other person and will escalate the situation quickly because they may become defensive at that point.

3- Tell the other person how you feel in a way that does not place blame or degrade them.

4- Allow the other person the opportunity to express their feelings, explain what happened or tell you their side of the story.  Remember, most of the drama in life comes from stress, anxiety, lack of sleep and anger issues.

5- When explaining your side, remain calm, cool and collected and use “I” statements which will show the person how you felt and not place blame with “you” comments.

6- Pay attention to all the non-verbal communication.  How is the person reacting to you, stay back and give them space in case they attack you.  Watch for emotions in their eyes and know when to stop talking.

7- Learn to walk away if you cannot agree or get your way.  We all have an opinion and that is what it is an opinion.  It is what you think, feel, see or hear, but may not be what they saw, thought or felt.

8- Do not make assumptions or assume the other person is trying to hurt you on purpose.  Do not let emotional baggage from your past destroy your future relationships.

9- Know when to apologize for your own behavior and forgive yourself or others when a conflict arises.

10- Choose your battles based on importance.  Is it really worth all the stress, drama, anxiety and conflict that is coming to pursue it.  If not, walk away, forgive and move on with life.

That woman is now in trouble with the law, facing charges of destruction of school property, attempted vehicular assaults’, resisting arrest and several other charges over what.  An argument about money, hurt feelings, relationships and some other minor thing that in the grand scheme of things means nothing in life.  It was certainly not worth the end result she got from it. 

So I will close by saying that the bible tells us in Ephesians 4: 31-32; “to Let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and slander be put away from you, along with all malice. Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you”.  The example I gave was full of bitterness, anger, and slander.  By just getting away from one another, walking away or letting it go they could have been forgiving of one another.

James 1: 19-21, “Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger; for the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God. Therefore put away all filthiness and rampant wickedness and receive with meekness the implanted word, which is able to save your souls”.

Lord, show us how to be patient, kind and forgiving when conflict arises in our relationships and life.  Help us to be resolute in these situations instead of angry, bitter and malcontent on hurting those that hurt us.  Amen


Faith: Random Acts of Kindness

Today I am writing about the random acts of kindness that people show one another and how they can make a huge impact on that persons day.  Being kind is something we all like to see in people and it shows that one has a love for their family, friends, neighbors and strangers.  I can think of some examples of random acts of kindness where people have done something that seemed small to them, but was a huge boost to me at the time.  Examples of  this are below:

1- A good friend had someone come mow my yard while I was at home recovering from a heart procedure.

2- A random person (more than once) has let me turn into traffic on a packed road risking someone honking the horn at him or her for doing it.

3- People saying hello, smiling, and asking how you are today.

4- Kind words on face book, emails, and text messages that lift my spirit.

I did some research so I will not lay claim to being a guru on random acts of kindness and built a simple list of ways we can all be kinder to one another.  

  1. Smile at people
  2. Hold the door for others
  3. Give an honest compliment (nothing creepy guys)
  4. Thank someone who you appreciate
  5. Be a good listener
  6. Offer your help to someone
  7. Ask the person who’s serving you how their day is going
  8. Treat someone to a coffee or tea
  9. Let someone go past you in the grocery queue
  10. Send flowers or chocolates to a friend out of the blue

I am sure you could come up with hundreds more on your own.  So my challenge for the day is to go forward and try a few of these this week.  Watch how random acts of kindness can change both your and the other persons perspective on life. I see it all the time and it warms my heart to see how kindness changes individuals, families, communities and countries.  

I have another that I think is the biggest random act of kindness you could do for anyone.  That is to pray for them.  You see someone struggling, suffering, hurting, in a bad spot, fearing, acting out, being rude, fighting, arguing, and all the other things that we face because of sin in our daily lives.  Pray for them, lift them up, hold them in your heart and think about their plight.

Galatians 5:22 states, “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness”.

Proverbs 21:21, “Whoever pursues righteousness and kindness will find life, righteousness, and honor”.


Faith: Traveling The Windy Roads With God

In our life we have traveled down many winding roads not knowing exactly what lies ahead.  Most of these roads were paved, smooth and relatively straight.  Then there are the dirt roads, rocky roads, hilly roads, curvy roads and others that are exciting to travel on, but also make  you nervous as to just where you will end up and how long it will take you to get there.  We have traveled the mountain roads of Western North Carolina for many years and one of those we prefer is the Blue Ridge Parkway.  It is a beautiful windy road with awesome views, nature at its finest and so relaxing to the mind, body and soul.  

My wife and I go up every October and ride the parkway to see the tree foliage change colors, look for waterfalls and spend time in Price Park (one of our favorites).  This October we decided to come back down the mountain on highway 221 and man it was a windy, curvy road with great views.  We discovered some new waterfalls, rock formations and places to take updated family pictures.  Traveling those windy roads is a cleansing for us, it is something that brings us back to nature, God and an enlightenment to our souls. 

When Cindy and I met almost thirty years ago, we took a trip to the mountains and I showed her all the places I loved to spend time at on the weekends..  We went to Grandfather Mountain and looked out across God’s landscape and just took it in. We took some awesome pictures that we love to look at to this day.  Traveling those windy mountain roads each year takes us back to our younger days when our relationship was young and growing.  A time when our relationship was starting, growing and anew.  

I titled this one Traveling the Windy Roads with God because he has been with us the whole time.  Just as Cindy and I developed our relationship by nurturing and loving each other, God has done the same for all of us.  He travels the roads of life with us to make sure we can cross those rough, dirty, dusty, windy, curvy, bumpy and hilly roads in life.  He helps guide us in deciding which way to go when we hit a crossroads.  Taking those trips and just guessing which to take often leads us to a dead end or somewhere we do not want to be in life.

Our journey in life and with God comes with uncertainty, but we do know that God is with us and he knows our final destination and purpose.  Even when we don’t know where we are going, God’s guidance in our direction is taking place on these trips.  Seek his mercy, grace and salvation to allow God to take you on a journey you never would have imagined.  A trip that has wonderful sights, visions, dreams and beautiful outcomes.  Take time to travel through life’s journey and ride with God as your compass, your map and your travel host.  Enjoy the ride and live a full life knowing God is in control!

Matthew 3:3, For this is he of whom Isaiah the prophet said, The voice of one crying in the waste land, Make ready the way of the Lord, make his roads straight.

Luke 3:5, Every valley will be filled, and every mountain and hill will be leveled. The crooked ways will be made straight, and the rough roads will be made smooth.

Lord, please be my travel guide.  Be my compass and show me the way to a wonderful life filled with vigor, relevance and safe travels.  Amen


Faith: Spending Time With God

Today I am writing about spending time with God and growing our spiritual connection with him. He seeks us out and we need to seek him in return.

Do you ever just stop and spend time with God?  I try to pray three times per day morning, noon and night to make sure I speak with God.  Sometimes I fail at that goal because life can get in the way.  The quantity of prayer in my opinion is not greater than the quality.  Doing ti three times a day allows me to focus on the things I need guidance on.  

Our spiritual needs can change in a minute, an hour or a day.  Give those to Fod and know that he has heard those and will action them for you.  God wants us to spend time with him, seeking his guidance for our lives, relationships and jobs. My favorite way to seek time with God is to go out behind my house and sit near a huge tree in the shade and talk to God.  

Maybe you have have your “quiet time” or devotional time or whatever we call it to seek guidance.  When you do seek God do it with conviction, with an open heart, mind and soul.  Do not half heartedly pray for things that are wants , but go after your needs.  Allow Hod to work through those and lead you to a finalization with them.  

Maybe you do not seek to speak with God daily, opting to only seek or call on him when we need him.  I am guilty of that myself, and work hard to avoid doing that.  God seeks us constantly and is consistent in sending us a still small voice. A dear friend of mine that is very spiritual and gifted once told me that “God shows us signs in small ways, doing small things as the day goes on”.  

With this I say we all look for God in our daily lives through small but meaningful events.  Could be emotional, physical or spiritual movements.  Might be someon holding the door for you or someone allowing you to pull into dead locked traffic.  Or it could be in a big way as well.  Seek him out as he seeks you and look, listen and learn how to connect to God in spirit.  

Deep down inside we desperately desire to connect with our Creator. And He wants to connect with us. Figuring out how to do that seems complicated, but it easier than we think. We have to get quiet and pray to God. After all, God is huge, mysterious and greater than us. He’s everywhere around us, yet we cannot see him.  

You may sit down with your friends and have a cup of coffee most days.  Do that with God, grab yourself daily brew, sit down and talk to God as you enjoy that warm cup of coffee.  Grab your lunch, go to a nice park and eat and think about God.  He thinks about us and loves us to come to him spoken and unspoken. 

Spending time with God daily allows us to tap into his wisdom, mercy and grace.  In return we get his love, guidance and direction in our daily lives.  That is how we see our lives change in ways that can seem hard to believe. We become more like God’s children as we spend time with him.  

Here are a few ways to spend time with God daily:

1- Schedule a set time and add an alarm in your calendar.  Do not avoid it, silence it or skip it.  Make God a priority. 

Would God silence or put you off?

2- Be consistent in those prayers and be open to building that relationship.  Just as your spouse, children and friends matter, so should God.

God is consistent, will you be?

3- Set goals for spiritual growth.  What do you want to accomplish with God.

You set goals for work, health, marriages, etc.  Don’t you think setting a goal for God is just as important?

4- Be hopeful and faithful in your time with God.  

Christ often went to solitary places to pray (see Matthew 14:23; Mark 1:35; Luke 6:12). Christ was the most powerful person to ever walk the earth, he was born of God and still sought him out.  Be like Christ and seek time with God, grow in spirit and abound with life.

Lord, I pray that you help me to find time for you. Quality time that is important and a priority. Seek me as I sell you and let’s connect at a higher level than ever before. Amen!


Faith: Finding Inspiration in Gods Words

Finding Inspiration in God’s Word

Finding inspiration in our lives at times can be very hard. Being inspired to pursue our goals and accomplish them is not an easy task. Many things will get in the way and set us back as we seek to inspire others as well. God inspires people, his believers and followers by giving us words of inspiration in the bible.

He declares his word to be true and offers us the most inspirational event in human history as proof. God gave us his only son Jesus Christ as a gift to inspire us to be more like him. What more inspiration do we need to see that God is perfect and holds the key to all our success.

We have to never give up on our dreams, goals and visions for ourselves.  You must be unstoppable and believe you are going to accomplish your goals.  We inspire others by acting, behaving, leading and guiding people in a positive manner that shines God’s light into the world.  

God inspires through his acts of mercy, grace and kindness.  As you seek to inspire and be inspired, surround yourself with people that inspire you.  More importantly, seek God’s leadership to inspire you to be a better person, better Christian, better husband, father, mother, brother, wife and all the other things you seek to be.

  1. Are you willing to be inspired by God’s words?
  2. Are you willing to ask God to inspire you and grow your inner spirit?

Isaiah 40:31, But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.

John 16:13, When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth, for he will not speak on his own authority, but whatever he hears he will speak, and he will declare to you the things that are to come.

God, I pray that you inspire me to be better everyday at all the things I seek to accomplish. I know that I can do this with you by my side, inspiring me to inspire others. Amen


Relationships: Offering Forgiveness to Others and Ourselves

Offering Forgiveness to Others and Ourselves

Let’s talk about forgiveness today.  The definition of forgiveness is to exonerate, forgive, excuse and participate in the process of forgetting a wrong someone has done to us.  The pain and hurt that people cause is real and painful. Living with bitterness and the emotional baggage of unforgiving someone can destroy you from the inside out.  It slowly eats away at your soul and hardens your heart.  It makes you question humanity and blinds us to see the good in people.

Now let’s look at God’s definition and word about forgiveness.  In Ephsians 4:32 the word says “Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.” Offering forgiveness is very hard for most people to do because we have been wronged by family, our spouse, friends and strangers.  When someone hurts us, says something out of the way or attacks us, human nature is to get mad and take it offensive.  We take it to heart and that builds up within us taking away our inner peace.

Offering forgiveness to ourselves might be even harder.  At times we make mistakes and hurt someone we love dearly and see the pain we caused to that person.  We internalize those emotions, dwell on them and it can drive us crazy.  Other times we hurt someone and honestly plead to them for forgiveness and they just seem so angry and refuse to allow forgiveness to us.  That is where God stepped in and offered forgiveness when his son Jesus came to earth and died on the cross for all.  

Matthew 6:14 states that we must first forgive those that hurt us before we can be forgiven by God.  “For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.” When we finally offer to forgive others, we are not saying what they did to us was OK.  But, we are at that point beginning the process of letting go of it’s hold on us.

Being unforgiven, holding grudges and showing bitterness is sin on our part.  Forgiveness does not mean that we forget what happened, but it does set us and the person that hurt us free from all that emotional baggage which destroys our spiritual life.  When we are hurt by others or hurt others we must seek forgiveness from God first.  

Colossians 3:13, Bearing with one another and, if one has a complaint against another, forgiving each other; as the Lord has forgiven you, so you also must forgive.

Lord, please help me to be a better forgiver.  Allow me to take things with a grain of salt and cast them away.  I pray for those I have wronged and for myself to be able to offer others grace, mercy and forgiveness as you did to us.  Amen


Faith: The Foundation for A Successful Life

The Foundation of Life

In the sermon on the mount, Jesus spoke about having humility, love and living a prayerful life.  He addressed the masses on how to live a full Christian life and what it took to meet that standard.  Let’s think about this for a minute.  The anointed one, God’s only son Jesus stood there and spoke to the crowd giving them the ultimate message and knowledge.  This was actually God’s word directly from the source of life.  What an experience that must have been, Jesus telling a parable right there to those people.

I can picture the scene in my head and it is one of my favorite passages in the bible.  Jesus taught that following stated religious laws and methods did not meet the standards that God had set forth.  God set the gold standard by sending Jesus to earth to witness to mankind, die and ascend back to heaven to serve forever at God’s side.  The pharisees and their followers were not happy with this and didn’t buy it.  What they taught was in direct opposition of God’s will and word.  Following a process or procedure does not make you holy or Christlike.

Jesus directly stated that righteousness is attained by deciding to make an internal decision to have a personal relationship with God.  You must acknowledge that Jesus is the savior of all sinners.  He is worthy of all praise, honor and your commitment.  Question is, are we worthy of his honor and commitment?  

In the sermon on the mount Jesus spoke of the parable of the two houses.  One which was built on a weak foundation and when the storm came it crumbled away.  The other house was built on solid rock.  It was built on a solid foundation and it withstood the storm.  Jesus is that foundation we must have in our lives or we will crumble in the storm.  Build a relationship based on Jesus as the rock, Jesus as the foundation and watch what happens.  He can help you endure all of life’s storms and overcome them without fear.

I wrote a book not long ago and I spoke about many life events that would have crushed me along the way.  I talked about disappointments, injuries, deaths and all kinds of things that we face as humans.  I always leaned on Jesus, but had I not had him I would have perished mentally, physically and spiritually during those times.  Give Jesus your heart, tell the world what he has done for you and be faithful that he will be your foundation in life.  

  1. Is Jesus your foundation of life?
  2. Will you allow God to change you so life will not rule you?

Jesus, thank you for being my rock of life.  Thank you for the foundation you gave us to stand on by giving your life for me and all the sinners of the world.  I pray your spirit spreads globally and becomes the rock of life for all mankind before it is too late. Amen

Matthew 5:1-7:29 Seeing the crowds, he went up on the mountain, and when he sat down, his disciples came to him. And he opened his mouth and taught them, saying: “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted. “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.


Faith: The Tree of Life

In my backyard stands a grand pecan tree.  The tree is estimated to be 200-250 years old.  It is rooted very deep into the ground and has roots going out into the yard eight to ten feet long.  This tree is about ten feet around at the base and splits off four ways as it breaks into a perfect summer or fall day hangout.  The tree has huge twelve to fifteen inch limbs that stick out thirty to forty feet and offer the best shade on a hot summer day.   I like to stop underneath it and just sit there when I am mowing to feel the cool breeze under that huge canopy and talk to God. 

It has a rope swing, a climbing ladder and limbs that can take you way up in the air.  Below it hangs a nice hammock to lie in and chill out and enjoy the view at night.  What I am describing is not made up, it really is that cool of a tree and place to hang out.  I loved climbing trees as a child and wish I would have had this one when I was younger.  I dare not swing on it now or try to climb.  My bones don’t heal like they used to back in the day.  I also hit the ground much harder and cannot shake it off like I could back in the 1970’s.

I write about this tree because it is rooted so deep and strong enough to take on very high wind storms.  It has survived many storms in the past and stands as a symbol of strength and stature.  I was reading today about God and how he is the tree of life.  God is that solid foundation we need to establish roots in, like that giant pecan tree.  Roots that will withstand all of life’s storms and stand tall through hard times.  We must commit to God’s word, attain his wisdom and instruction.  He wants us to attach to his tree and take root.  We grow in spirit like a limb grows off of that huge pecan tree,  

We must set down our roots, and grow over time to be strong, tough and solid in our christian faith.  God anchors us down and leads us with his wisdom, knowledge and love.  Take root into God’s word and set your feet on a solid foundation to walk with God in life.  

God, how great your wisdom is, You are the tree of life, giving us the foundation to set our feet on solid ground and grow spiritually with you.  You are the tree we need to plant, expand and grow as true believers of your grace, mercy and strength.  Amen

Daniel 4:26 The command to leave the stump of the tree with its roots means that your kingdom will be restored to you when you acknowledge that Heaven rules.


Spirit Chronicles: Vision of a Cleansing Storm

A great storm has come upon mankind. One that has sweep over the earth and consumed all of mankind. One that has divided them into two sides with ideals driven by good and evil. Millions have chosen good and stayed strong in the biblical principles stated in Galatians 5:22-24. While many millions of others have chosen evil as described in Galatians 5:19-21. I recently had another dream about a great storm of biblical proportions such as Daniel did in the old testament.

A storm like man has never seen and one that will shake the foundations of all people. A storm that was very scary and made me sit up in bed and pray to God. A dream that I thanked him for showing me. A dream that I must share to the world and hope that it gets to as many people as possible. For this great storm is coming as predicted in Daniel. God had already been revealing himself to the world in small ways in preparation for this coming storm. He was giving people the opportunity to switch to the good side. A chance to be saved from the impending storm of cleansing.

In this dream the sky turned very dark and a massive cloud that covered the sun formed on all corners of the earth. This cloud was thousands of miles long and wide and it created a scare among the earths population like no other had. This cloud storm floated for weeks and lied dormant until the Angels of heaven invoked it to take action and cleanse the ungodly from the earth.

While it lied dormant, millions found God and asked him for forgiveness of their sins. They realized God was the only way to be saved. While many millions of others kept their course of sin following the devil and his minions that had control of them. They refused to give up drugs, violence, wickedness and hardness of the heart. They chose a life of despair, ignorance and damnation.

These lost ones had failed to heed the warnings of those that were anointed by God to spread the word that the end was near. They continued to hate, murder, rob, rape and pillage in the name of idolatry. They fought the good and attempted to take all they could until the storm unleashed. For they were mislead like goats by a great deception (deceiver). The world had fallen into disarray and it was time for all things made by God, given by God and commanded by God to take account for their behaviors, thoughts and actions. For the world had turned upside down of its original divine purpose.

The storm hit with a might that was indescribable. It wiped out everything in its path as it cleansed the earth of the lost. The clouds began to swirl out of control and thousands of tornado’s began to hit the ground. Wiping out everything in its path along the way except God’s chosen ones. Power was lost all over the world, water was polluted and food was scarce. When the storm began the Angels of heaven descended upon the earth and protected those that had tuned to God and confessed their sins. They protected the saved with open wings from the wind, flying debris and carnage that resulted as a result of chaos from fear, no food and water.

Those that had failed God and were living a life of sin were swept up into the storm, blown away into oblivion. Those that had not confessed to God that Jesus is the savior and God owns all perished at the hands of the storm or at the hands of the lost. They were swept away along with the dark demons that had controlled them for so long.

You see, they had chosen a life of bad decisions and a life style that forsake good morals. Instead choosing a life that they created and ran without the influence of God in it. Their of time retribution had come and it was terrible for them. A price paid for failing to acknowledge God. A price paid for claiming there is no God. A price paid for living a life of sin, selfishness and destruction.

No demon or devil could fight this storm so they began to turn on their own kind. They promoted many minions as souls were lost in an effort to take a stand. All in a failed effort as God is and always will be in control of all things. These devilish agents had accomplished their goals and served their purpose. Which was to breed hate, despair, anger, malice and ill feelings among people. The devil loves all of those that do his bidding and knows that he is giving them eternal damnation.

He doesn’t care because he hates God and fights works as a great deceiver with humanity to steal as many souls as he can. One sin at a time that goes unaccounted for multiplies his desolate core of Hell and gives him satisfaction. The devils doers wrapped their prey in wings and took them to hell as they were banished by God and his holy Angels.

The devil, his minions and millions of lost souls were destroyed, banished and sent to damnation forever. Never to seek souls on earth again, never to disrupt God’s plan and never to see the light of God. For God had won, good had won, the light had won and peace had come to earth. After this storm times were beautiful, people were nice, friendly, caring and loved one another.

They valued life, nature and all of God’s creations. They sought God’s peace, grace and mercy in their life’s. The devil had been defeated and God’s kingdom had become forever as it was told to be in the Old Testament. An eternal time of glory, awesomeness and love. Those that stayed true to God prior to the storm had been spared and lived eternally with God.

Those that were of sin lived with the devil in Hades paying the ultimate price of deception and misery. The dream ended and I awoke to a racing heart, sweating and smiling. I knew that God had sent me a clear message that the time is near. A time when man will be held to account for their ways.

God had given mankind the option of making choices and unfortunately way to many had chose chaos, desires of the flesh and other abominations in God’s eyes. God seeks to have people of pure heart, people that love, people that desire him and people that want everlasting life. One of the hardest things to figure out and come to an understanding is that God truly is in control.

He created all things, mankind, nature, beast and even the smallest speck of sea sand and dust. Stepping into a relationship of giving it all to God and acknowledging that Jesus came and gave his life to set things straight. I have been a Christian for many years, but had failed until recently to truly realize that God owns all, he owns me, he owns nature, he owns the bugs and anything given to us. We may work for human needs and wants, but God gives and can take away. He is the beginning and the end, he is the Alpha and Omega.

I pray that this message is taken seriously by all. Daniel was criticized, called names and told that he was crazy. I bring this message to you on an attempt to help save the lost and enhance the relationship of the saved. A storm is coming and it will cleanse the earth and make it whole again. As God created all, he can set it straight just as quickly.

Lord, I pray that your people receive the word. I pray that they heed warnings and turn their eyes upon you. I pray they seek your grace, mercy and forgiveness. I pray they drop the ways of sin and seek you. Amen

Galatians 5: 19-23. 19 Now the works of the flesh are evident: sexual immorality, impurity, sensuality, 20 idolatry, sorcery, enmity, strife, jealousy, fits of anger, rivalries, dissensions, divisions, 21 envy, drunkenness, orgies, and things like these. I warn you, as I warned you before, that those who do such things will not inherit the kingdom of God. 22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law. 


Sports: Talk is Cheap, Action Speaks

Talk Is Cheap, Action Speaks

During my coaching career I have heard many inspirational sayings from coaches before games, during meetings and at coaching clinics.  A few of my favorites that stuck with me are “Don’t talk about it, be about it”, “Talks cheap, action speaks” and “Don’t tell me, show me”.  I have said these many times to my football players, wrestlers and team members.  We say these things to our athletes to inspire them to be more than talk, to be more than they currently are.  We want to challenge them to become bigger, stronger and faster and tougher.  We want to show the opponent through our play that we are tough, will battle and fight to the last whistle.

In today’s world of social media many athletes ;ike to talk trash.  They post  about who is going to to win, lose and all that hype.  It isn’t a bad thing and is designed to encourage competition.  However, when the whistle blows, many of these tough talkers falter and fall short of their own expectations.  They get whipped, pushed around and often make excuses for those shortcomings.  They point the finger at the coach, the referee, the team or whatever it is that diverts the blame from them.  

Many times I have told athletes, “if you were as tough as you think you are, you would be a champion and unstoppable”.  Some may say, why would a coach say that to an athlete and may think it sounds like an insult.  In reality it is designed to say to them, man you talk a big game but what you’re doing in practice, on the field of play or wrestling mat does not back up all that smack talk.  As a coach it is not my job to pamper athletes, to make them feel good about themselves by lying to them. It is my job to mentor, guide, lead and coach them up and being honest is part of that process.

Being a Christian is the same concept.  As Christians we often talk a big game, but fail to live up to that standard that God put in place for us.  It is easy to talk a big game and act all Christian around people, but turn around and do the opposite.  God has huge expectations for us and made us in his image.  He coaches us, teaches us and guides us to be strong in faith.  He wants us to inspire others through our actions, thoughts and behaviors.  We obtain spiritual growth and success by putting into actions the living word he gave us in the bible.  God’s word clearly identifies that standing up for what’s right, being strong of will and following his word are what measures us up.  

So let’s all stand up, talk about it and be about it.  Let’s take action and show others through our spirit that God is the way, the light and the truth.  Don’t talk about it, be about it.  

  1. Are you a sayer or a doer?
  2. How can you become a doer?

God, please open my spirit, mind and soul to your word.  Show me how to be an active Christian that is strong of faith and show your light to others through my actions.  Guide me, lead me and strengthen me to not only talk about, but be about your work.  Amen

God Bless! KB 10-23-2020

Daily Reading- 2nd Timothy 3:16-17


Sports: Overcoming Fear of the Unknown

Overcoming Fear of the Unknown

As coaches we see seasons come and go.  Preparing for each season is a non-stop routine required to be successful and it always comes with the unknown of how will all that work pay off.  That fear of the unknown can be overwhelming and take you away from your routine.  It creates a nervousness within you that adds pressure in your professional and personal life. Constant questions run throughout your brain and thought patterns.  Am I doing the right things, do I have a solid plan, will the kids buy-in and participate.  

As a head coach I have never had a season without at least one state qualifier.  So every season I ask myself and the team, which wrestler is going to step up and be the  next state qualifier, state placer or champion.  Setting high expectations of yourself and your program , business, family, etc creates unknowns.  I could go on and on about all these anxious thoughts and unnerving parts of coaching.  What we do know is that having a set plan that includes expectations, planned preparation and faith that it will work are a few of the most important aspects of running a successful program.  

Coaching a team and living life does not have to be unnerving or create anxiety.  We have to put the same faith that we have in our team, players, parents and coaches like God has in us.  He is constant and always working his plan in our life.  He wants us to be successful and have the great moments of life.  I have been fortunate to coach conference, regional and state champion wrestlers.  But I have also seen the disappointments of wrestlers that worked so hard for years to only come up short of making their goal.  

Watching a senior lose that final match and fall short of their goal is devastating.  When that final whistle blows they realize it is over, no more mat time, no more practice and the goal of winning that last match did not happen. I tell those guys that God has been with them and will be with them going forward.  You see, all that hard work, preparation and practice is setting them up for a bright future.  They have learned that hard work pays off, being dedicated and disciplined pays off.  Having faith in God that he is preparing us, putting us through wins and losses and promising a bright future is what we have to see, know and understand.

Preparing for the unknown and walking with faith without fear propels us forward.  We do this to be ready for winning and losing in sports, life and on the job.  We prepare and put the time in to be ready to stand up to life and take it by the horns.  We must prepare our souls and let God coach us up through the unknown and do that without fear of what may happen.  Ultimately, we prepare for that big finish, that big match, that title match.  God gives us the opportunity to attain the ultimate victory and he sacrificed his son for that reason.  It is a victory beyond all imagination, one of beauty, peace and eternal.  So please, go forward without fear, prepare and let God coach you up and handle how things come out.  

Lord, help me to be coachable, humble, obedient, and prepared.  For when that final whistle blows I will gain that life changing eternal victory!  Amen

God Bless! KB



Faith: Sunday Go to Meeting Kind of Christian

Sunday Go to Meeting Kind of Christian

While doing my daily devotional and reading, I made some notes about the topic of the day.  The message was about being a Sunday Christian only.  As I made notes and pondered the information, it made me feel convicted because I am guilty of this at times in my life.  God is constant for us and never wavers in his grace and mercy.  We as humans however, with our imperfections often fall short of being a “fulltime” Christian.  Just this weekend I had a few moments when my humanity and imperfections showed.  

I got mad at another driver who almost hit my wifes new car and honestly he did come over into our lane.  However, the way I reacted fell way short of Christ like behavior.  Often, we go to church and put on a show celebrating God and make an awesome connection with him.  Then comes Monday-Saturday and our words, thoughts, actions, behaviors, language and example are different.  It is more worldly and not what God expects or wants from us.  Sin is part of life and fortunately we have a savior that cleanses us of those if we ask.  We can change that sinful behavior by checking yourself and seeking to be better people.  People that love, care and encourage others.

So I had to convict myself of also being Sunday saved but a compromised Christian.  Ephesians 4: 31-32 it states that we should “Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice”. Instead we should “Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you”.  This is what the world needs now, we have so much hate, anger, slander, and malice.  It becomes about us the individuals instead of others.  I got mad at that guy for making a human mistake and said something I should not have.  My wife had to tell me to chill out and calm down.  

With this said I am even more determined to let my faith rise up even higher.  I have to do better with my words, thoughts, actions, behaviors and temperament.  This can be accomplished by seeking God’s forgiveness and allowing myself to forgive others.  My reaction to them determines if I am a Sunday Christian or a Seven day a week Christian.  Are you a Sunday Go To Meeting Christian compromised by the world we live in?  Or are you a Seven Day a Week Christian spreading love, hope, faith and encouragement to the world.  This is a challenge I present to myself and my readers.  

Dear God, please show me the way to grant others the mercy, grace and forgiveness I receive from you.  Help me, guide me and make me a better husband, father, teacher, coach, neighbor, citizen and most importantly a Christian that is a light for others.

God Bless! KB


Spirit Chronicles: The Great Deception

The Great Deception

I had a very graphic dream about a very tall older man in his early 60’s.  He was obviously a powerful man that represented the most powerful organization on earth.  He was tall, good looking, well spoken and rich.  There was a certain charm about him that was almost too much to overlook.  His charisma made you want to follow him, be drawn to him.  My intuition told me something different though, there was just a sick feeling I had in my stomach. 

He had a certain feel about him that was bad, like he represented all things deceptive and evil.  He had many followers with him.  These people were his top staffers and they also were charismatic, good looking and completely did as he told them to do.  It was scary how loyal they were and he had control of their minds, body and spirit as if he owned them.

All of them wore a dark cross with metal wrapped around it.  It was a nice looking cross, but was different from the Christian cross.  His followers were responsible for getting people to follow him and you had to buy one of those dark crosses and wear it day and night. This was your commitment to the deceiver.  The necklace was advertised as the way to life and well being. Millions of people were following him and purchasing the crosses all over the world.  I was at some type of gathering, cannot say what but lots of people were there.  He walked in with his group of followers and it was like a movie star entered the room. I made eye contact with him and he looked away from me quickly.  

He was quickly surrounded by followers, mostly women getting in line to touch, feel and talk to him.  He had a power over them and the men with him were like security.  The women with him were very beautiful and were being used to attract men into his fray or followers.  He later made eye contact with me and acknowledged me like most guys do by doing the little head bob thing to say hi.  He motioned for me to come to him but I was confused and didn’t go over to him. 

He motioned for one of his followers to talk to me and the guy came over with a very attractive lady.  I immediately noticed their eyes were dark, like night and scary.  They seemed to be void of life and light.  The guy grabbed my shoulder to talk to me, but instantly let go.  He backed away and told me I needed to get rid of my golden cross necklace hanging from my neck. 

I saw his reaction and it really made him mad.  The lady with him turned away when she saw the necklace as well.  My golden cross was a tribute to God and I have been wearing it almost thirty years.  I asked the man why I needed to get rid of mine and he told me to be one with them, I had to wear the dark necklace and commit to their ways.  They wanted me to tear mine off and join the leaders cult of followers. 

I was very confused, but sensed that something really bad would happen if I took my necklace off.  Hundreds of them surrounded me and taunted me saying “follow him, take it off”, “be one with him, take it off”.  It was overwhelming and I began to panic since I was surrounded by all of these dark eyed creepy people going at me, trying to get me to do something I did not want to do.  

I grabbed my necklace and pulled it away from my neck to look at it and when I did the people looked away and made terrible sounds, demonic sounds that were frightening.  The leader put his hands up over his face and stepped towards me demanding I take it off now or pay the price of my life.  That is when it hit me that my necklace was anointed and was hurting them all.  They were demonic people and he was the great deceiver.  It finally made sense, as described above he had all the things going for him that we as humans desire to be. 

He was powerful, attractive, rich and had anything he wanted.  His following was growing, but I knew I could not join that and was willing to pay the price.  There was a huge line of people buying the necklaces. That is when heavenly angels stepped in and surrounded me with open wings and told me to stand strong, be with God and not give into the desires of the human flesh.  

I had been tested once again and the devil (The Great Deceiver) was planning to take my soul and get me to follow him.  With one swoop of their wings all the demons were gone and I was seeing a great light, one so powerful that I couldn’t look upon it.  It was God’s grace, mercy and forgiveness.  It was the light of Christ and I had made the right decision.  This battle is not over, in fact, I feel it is just the beginning for me and millions of other people.  We now live in a world of deception, instant gratification, greed, hatred and human desire. 

People are losing the light of Christ and falling for the deception of evil ideas and earthly things.  God wrote the true law and supplied it to us in the bible.  In that word there are clear and direct statements of what being a Christlike person is.  We have our human rules, laws and thoughts but they do not match up with what God wants for us.  He expects much more and wants us to be kind, have humility, care for other people and most importantly be with him, not the deceiver.

Instead we are divided by our own thoughts and fighting over it.  People are looting, robbing, destroying cities and killing in the name of an ideology.    Drugs, violence and sexual addictions are rampant. The great deception is happening now and the dream showed me that those who turn away from the evil influences and keep their eyes upon God will flourish.  It will be a hard time, one of uncertainty involving attacks on morality, christianity, and individual belief that is against the mainstream.

These things that are occurring now are just underlying factors that will begin to expand into much larger factors eventually leading to millions being deceived and losing their souls.  All lost in the name of ideology, idolatry and hate. The Devil breeds hate and feeds off of it.  It is the tool he uses to destroy individuals, families and countries.  Division is what he created when he decided to go against God.  

Do not be deceived folks, earthly ways are not what God wants.  Following the lost and wicked is setting you up for pain, terror, and agony beyond comparison.  Turn your eyes to God, ask him for help and guidance.  Step away from your evil influencer (The Great Deceiver), because in no way is it, he, she great in any positive way.  The dream made me really consider where I am right now and I immediately awoke and prayed for God’s help and support moving forward. 

I see the personal attacks coming my way.  People saying I am crazy, bending my words and disagreeing with me over ideology.  Attacking me for being a Christian and wanting to feel Gods light in my life. I disagree with any ungodly act that harms humans, creates hate and division. This dream confirms, I will follow God, his word and his teachings.  I will do that with imperfections of humanity until I leave this earth.  Knowing that I will gain the ultimate prize in heaven and hope for others not to be deceived by The Great Deception is my goal. I write this as a warning of things to come, be careful what you ask for and who you follow.


Spirit Chronicles: The Dead People

The Dead People (Good vs. Evil)

As I come to better understand the battle of good versus evil or good versus bad, call it what you want.  I have dreamed many dreams about the two sides for years, starting as a child.  These dreams are always very intense and scary at times.  However, there also is a comforting side to them that comes with the good or what I call the light.  The light comes from Heaven, from Jesus himself and it is in all of us. 

We just have to choose to use it, develop it and pray for protection against bad, dark and evil beings.  In this dream, I was at my nanny’s old house.  My nanny was a very tall lady, strict with discipline but a lovely person.  She was my dad’s mom and went on to be with the Lord in the 1990’s. Her house had two bedrooms, one of which felt warm and welcoming.  The other however, had a bad vibe about it growing up.  It just was sort of creepy and it felt like something bad was in that room playing in there as a child.  

The dream started with me seeing my nanny and mom in the good room (I call it the light room).  I looked over and saw both of them sitting on the bed.  Nanny looked just as she did back many years ago wearing her blue dress and heels.  She was a fancy dresser and loved to wear pearl necklaces and bracelets.  My mom was there, but was behind the scenes as if she was watching out and supporting me.  In the other room there were really horrific looking people, which I believe to be demons, dead spirits lost and wondering.  Spirits that have turned away from the light.

My nanny stood up and motioned me to her side.  I went over and she motioned me to follow her.  She didn’t speak, but I could sense what she was saying.   My nanny told me to come with her but I did not want to leave the safety of the good room.  As we exited the good room, my mom tried to help me but my nanny overpowered her and told her to step back.  I have done research on this and my personal opinion is that older beings that have been in the light (heaven) longer can over power those that are newer.  Same goes for bad or dark spirits, the longer they have been on earth roaming or in Hell the more powerful they become.  

Nanny had been in Heaven much longer and was more of the light.  She out ranked my mom so she was able to control the situation.  Nanny took me into the other room and showed me terrible things, teenagers with no faces, people putting needles into their arms, things trying to attack and run at me.  It was a horrible place, one of dread, despair and sin.  I wanted to get out but she made me confront those things, tell them to stay away and fight back to the door to escape. 

I got out the door and instantly woke up, panting, my heart racing and looking around.  It felt that real to me, it was like I actually was at the old house. I woke up very confused and immediately wrote the dream down.  When you have a dream like that, write it down so you can think about it, try to figure out what it is all about.  Often, that will happen years later because it will tie into other dreams and encounters you have. 

I was really confused as to why nanny would overpower my mom and not allow her to help me.  After thinking about it, writing it down and researching it, I came up with the theory of older spiritual beings having more say in our spiritual matters as they are more of the light than newly admitted souls into heaven, as stated above.  My nanny looked just like she did in the 1970’s and 80’s.  As I pondered the dream, it became clear to me that she was showing me that a fight for me was taking place.  A fight for me and my soul, with both sides wanting me to decide which way I would go.  She wanted me to see that powerful beings can and will infiltrate your life, spirit and soul.  Their goal is to feed fear and anger into you, it helps them win the battle for humanity.  

Thankfully, I chose not to stay in that horrible place and went back to the light.  Many things have happened in my life and they all seem to be adding up to something big that is coming.  I will be writing many more stories that tie into this line of thought, the whole good versus evil story.  As a nation and world, we are in that fight right now.  We are in a society of lost souls, that use fear, intimidation and violence, just as the Devil wants it to get what they desire. .

My original story Miracle on Old Town Road was about good versus evil and God’s grace.  He has a plan for all and we must listen to that still small voice.  Follow Jesus lead and let him take us where we can be in life.  I am so thankful for my nanny (Eva).  She was such a powerful spirit and had a huge impact on me growing up.  She was strong in life and even stronger in death.  .  Glad she is on the other side as one of my spirit guides watching out for me.  

Psalm 23:4

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.


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