Spirit Chronicles: The Chips and Giant Ships

I saw a huge building that was a transportation hub like a train station. There were hundreds of thousands of people walking around and standing in two lines. One line was on the right and the other on the left. A huge star ship dropped down from the sky and settled onto the lawn in […]

Spirit Chronicles: Indian Arrowhead Attack

My daughter is moving and I have been over at her house helping her pack up things and move them. The house she is selling is located on a small mountain that is millions of years old and was once inhabited by Native Americans. The property is ancient, rocky and very pretty. It has some […]

Spirit Chronicles: Ways Spirit Coomunicates with Us

Spirit encounters are vey common with me and today I am writing about the ways that spirit encounters me. I write this to let you know that spirit is always around us and those that have went on before us are loving us from the great beyond. As a medium or whatever you want to […]

Spirit Chronicles: She Said Step Back

I was sitting on the bed just relaxing after a long hard day at work and I heard a female voice say “step back” “RDR”. I looked around to make sure noone was in the room with me and went into the kitchen to ask my wife if she had heard anything. She told me […]

Spirit Chronicles: Government Control and Civil Unrest

I saw rows of military machinary and helicopters traveling all over the county and they all had the United Nations logos on them. They were pouring into major ports all over the world with thousands of troops taking over those ports to control the flow of material, food and goods to everyone in those countries. […]

Spirit Chronicles: Stuck In A Small Cabin

I was walking down the road and saw a storm coming so I grabbed my family and ran into the woods to find some shelter. As we got deeper into the woods we came across a cabin in the woods. I was small about the size of a bigger yard building maybe 20 x 20 […]

10 Ways to Win in Life

Today I am writing about the ways we can work on our physical, mental and spiritual self to win at life. Winning in life is not about playing a game all the time or the result of a score board. As a coach I have had my fair share of both sides of the score […]

Spirit Chronicles- The Dark Rooms of Sin

I went to sleep last night and instantly went into a state of sleep that put me into a realm I had never been in before. I knew my body was in the bed but I was transported somewhere else and was observing as a third party viewer watching what was happening to me. I […]

Worthy Example of Leadership

Being a husband, father, teacher, coach, mentor and community leader in troubling times can be hard at times. In fact, it is hard to be these things consistently even in regular day to day activity and non-troubling times. We live in a new society that is plagued with issues that are destroying the framework of […]


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