Faith: The Tree of Life

In my backyard stands a grand pecan tree.  The tree is estimated to be 200-250 years old.  It is rooted very deep into the ground and has roots going out into the yard eight to ten feet long.  This tree is about ten feet around at the base and splits off four ways as it breaks into a perfect summer or fall day hangout.  The tree has huge twelve to fifteen inch limbs that stick out thirty to forty feet and offer the best shade on a hot summer day.   I like to stop underneath it and just sit there when I am mowing to feel the cool breeze under that huge canopy and talk to God. 

It has a rope swing, a climbing ladder and limbs that can take you way up in the air.  Below it hangs a nice hammock to lie in and chill out and enjoy the view at night.  What I am describing is not made up, it really is that cool of a tree and place to hang out.  I loved climbing trees as a child and wish I would have had this one when I was younger.  I dare not swing on it now or try to climb.  My bones don’t heal like they used to back in the day.  I also hit the ground much harder and cannot shake it off like I could back in the 1970’s.

I write about this tree because it is rooted so deep and strong enough to take on very high wind storms.  It has survived many storms in the past and stands as a symbol of strength and stature.  I was reading today about God and how he is the tree of life.  God is that solid foundation we need to establish roots in, like that giant pecan tree.  Roots that will withstand all of life’s storms and stand tall through hard times.  We must commit to God’s word, attain his wisdom and instruction.  He wants us to attach to his tree and take root.  We grow in spirit like a limb grows off of that huge pecan tree,  

We must set down our roots, and grow over time to be strong, tough and solid in our christian faith.  God anchors us down and leads us with his wisdom, knowledge and love.  Take root into God’s word and set your feet on a solid foundation to walk with God in life.  

God, how great your wisdom is, You are the tree of life, giving us the foundation to set our feet on solid ground and grow spiritually with you.  You are the tree we need to plant, expand and grow as true believers of your grace, mercy and strength.  Amen

Daniel 4:26 The command to leave the stump of the tree with its roots means that your kingdom will be restored to you when you acknowledge that Heaven rules.


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