Spirit Chronicles: Miracle on Old Town Road

Miracle on Old Town Road

I am the recipient of a true miracle.  A divine and heavenly message that literally saved my life.  One that sounds too good to be true, a story that many will not believe.  While others will rejoice in it and find inspiration about life after death and how our loved ones care for us in the great beyond.  What I am writing is the direct result of God and his power to heal, change our lives and work miracles.  God has a plan for everyone, he gave his only son to make sure that we could have life after death.  This event in my life involves life after death and spiritual activity beyond imagination.  Follow along with me as I tell the true story of Miracle on Old Town Road.

It all started with some chest pain and tightness I was having at work.  I thought I was just experiencing signs of stress and fatigue.  I was refusing to acknowledge something may really be wrong.  I have dreamed vividly for most of my life, but recently those dreams have become real, scary at times and hard to understand.  My wife had been telling me to relax, not stress and to go to the doctor.  I even had an episode where I had to go to the local hospital for testing.  After a battery of tests, they sent me home with instructions to get a sleep study and a stress test.  The doctor told me all that could kill me were covered in the testing and I was likely just stressed out.  Little did he know the misdiagnosis could have cost me my life.

Prior to all this happening we had been experiencing unusual activity outside with a female voice being heard.  Several family members had heard this female voice outside our house.  A nice voice, calming and in each situation a family member was by themselves and heard the lady.  The first time my daughter heard the woman say “I can’t understand what you’re saying”.  She stepped inside and told my wife and I about it, so we immediately got on the golf cart and rode around the yard and property to investigate.  We found nobody, no signs of trespassers, no further voices so I wrote it off as just hearing things.  A week later the second event of the woman happened. 

I had taken our little dog Finley out to pee before bed time and he ran around the corner of the house.  I hollered for him several times because it is very dark out where we live and the coyote population is strong.  As I yelled at Finley where are you the third time, a woman’s voice said “he is over here”.  I stepped inside to ask my wife and daughter if they had said something to me and they were both working on computers and busy.  So now I am starting to think, something isn’t right with this.  A few weeks later, my wife heard the voice while she was outside say “hey girl, what are you doing”.  As the third time, we then began to believe that we may have a ghost or spirit on the property.  The final time was a few days later while I was cleaning the yard up, the woman said “what are you doing”.  So now we knew something was wrong and we had a ghost, spirit, haunting, call it what you want. 

We went on with life and talked about it from time to time, but didn’t really hear anything else outside.  My wife has a friend that she speaks with about 1-2 times a year to check up on her family.  She had an urge to call the friend and talk to her.  They had a nice conversation and at the end of the call, my wife mentioned the woman outside and how weird it was.  At this point, the friend reveals to my wife that she had a gift of seeing and knowing things from a spiritual world standpoint.  She stated that the woman’s name was Martha or Margaret and she had died on the property many, many years ago.  

She also mentioned that there were native american spirits on the property that were at peace, as well as a man that was mad.  As with the thought of spiritual contact and all that we see and hear on TV, it is hard to grasp that this may be real.  So with this information in hand and not sure what to do with it we did some online investigation, called the previous landowner and spoke to him.  He told us he knew nothing of it, but would ask around and get back.  A few days later he called and this is where things get interesting. 

Martha was an older lady that lived on the property in the early 1900’s with her husband.  She died of a sudden heart attack on the property.  Her husband died in a tractor accident years later and was angry that he had gone so fast.  Turned out, he was the mad spirit because he died in pain and wasn’t ready to cross over yet.  After getting the news we spoke to our friend again to update her.  That’s when my Mom gave me the Miracle contact, divine intervention, call it what you may.  

As we were finishing the conversation with our friend my mom came through and told her to make sure I went to the hospital or doctor immediately.  My mom told her I had two clots in my heart and would die if I didn’t go to the doctor.  My dad and my wife’s parents also got into the conversation and at some point the friend had to turn her powers off and send them away.  Being an empath is very tiring and wears a person’s spirit down.  My mom passed away in April of 2017. Yes, I said a visit from a person who died over three years ago is what led me to a miracle.

Armed with this information and not sure how to take the news.  We contacted my doctor and got an immediate appointment.  After checking records, listening to family history and working me up, the doctor recommended a procedure to check my heart.  We scheduled it and a few days later I had the procedure.  More to come on what happened as an outcome.  Hearing things such as spirits coming through from Heaven and such can be confusing at the least.  We were trying to decipher the information and make sense of it.  I have had many dreams about my parents and always felt they were around me even in death.  The weekend before the procedure my wife and I took a trip to the mountains of NC.  We were close to her friends house so we went for a visit and things again took an interesting turn.

As we were visiting, talking and hanging out my mom came back through and she was still upset that I hadn’t fixed the issue with my heart yet.  During this conversation things got really weird as a necklace I had worn for 3-4 years was torn off my neck.  This necklace was purchased in the Bahamas and had a so-called healing stone on it.  I also wore a gold necklace with a gold cross my wife had given me when we got married over 25 years ago. 

My routine was to put on my gold cross around my neck every morning.  I then would put on my t-shirt and put the black necklace over the top of it.  What I had been doing was putting a graven image over the cross and God was not happy about that.  I had mistakenly done this for several years thinking it was helping me with a nerve condition in my neck.  When the black necklace was torn off, the friend told me that an old man named James did it.  My dad and grandpa were both named James so I assumed it to be my dad, who had come through prior to this happening as well. 

Our friend advised that James was an old man close to 100 years old so it had to be my grandpa who passed away in his 70’s back in 1973.  I remember tidbits about him, but was young when he passed.  She said the man was old and had been in the heavenly light a long time and was a powerful spirit of good.  As I picked the necklace up off the floor and showed it to my friend, she immediately got sick on her stomach and said that the necklace was bad, of the black arts and had something attached to it.  

The necklace was causing the heart issues as there was a battle between good and evil taking place on my chest, in my body.  I was told to get rid of the necklace, but had thoughts of fixing it.  I was confused and things were tugging at my soul. To wash the black arts away, I had to go to rushing water, toss the necklace in and say a prayer of protection from God and my Angels.  My wife and I went to a nice river, put our feet in the cold water and tossed the necklace far away as we could in a deep pool.  We said a prayer of recovery and protection and I instantly felt better about things, my soul and got some much needed clarity. 

We returned home and I had a heart procedure.  Turned out my mom was 100% correct.  I had what doctors call a widow maker in my heart.  I was blocked in two places and the main artery was about 99% clogged.  The doctor obviously cannot state that I would have died soon, but had it not been for the divine warning and heavenly intervention I would probably have fallen over dead of a heart attack.  It was one of the worst he had ever worked on and he was amazed my heart had not already stopped working.  

In the process of recovery I have found out some more information about things, gained clarity and decided it was time to put some of my life events, dreams, happenings and last but not least miracles from heaven in writing.  Final thought on the necklaces, God was testing me to see which way I would go.  I received a blessing and have great things ahead of me because I choose God.  I choose the light, I choose to be a better person and use my God given talent to continue to help others as I have for many years. 

Difference is now, I have better focus, more acute to my surroundings and happenings.  I see life differently as I had before and this blog is just the start.  I hope you gained inspiration from these words.  Just know that God has a plan for your life, he is wonderful and wants what is best for all of us.  Sometimes we have to be tested, brought to our knees to realize exactly how loving our heavenly father is.  Whatever you believe in the ghost, the spiritual side of things is on you.  But as a long time Christian who had veered too far away from God’s grace, I advise you to slow down, listen to the good words of people, love one another, give blessings and avoid being a negative energy vampire. 

My mom was a great person on earth, kind, loving and compassionate. Now she is a spiritual guide in Heaven and protector of my family. Through this wonderful soul, I was granted a second chance in life and plan to fully take advantage of it one inch, one day and one moment at a time.

Luke 4:10, For it is written, “‘He will command his angels concerning you, to guard you”.



5 responses to “Spirit Chronicles: Miracle on Old Town Road”

  1. Kevin, this is beautifully written and a lovely testimony of your faith. May you always listen to those angels guiding you. Praises that you listened and that you are alive to continue your witnessing.


  2. So thankful for God’s protection and his grace. Your mom always was s special woman who loved her family dearly! I am thankful for her continued heavenly spirit watching over you and guiding you and your sweet family.

    Thanks so much for sharing this, your testimony. It reminds me where my heart needs to concentrate to be and keep rooted in our wonderful savior.❤


  3. I have known for many years of the protection provided by those who have gone before us. I have felt Mom-ma, my maternal grandmother’s presence around me many times, and often heard her voice, especially in times of stress. I often find signed cards and children’s books in places I did not place them and I know she is reminding me that she is close by. The day after my Pop-pa passed away, my mother and I both heard his cough from his beloved basement. We were the only two in the house and we were seated less than three feet from each other. I have an even more unusual story to tell involving dogs. Four years ago I was keeping my son’s
    Siberian Husky, for him because the apartment complex where he resides would not allow him to have a dog that large. One evening as so worked o. School paperwork, my mother took Niko out instead and his lease malfunctioned. As huskies are born to do, he ran off. He searched all night and finally went to rest around 5 AM. About three hours later, a neighbor arrived to say that Niko had drowned in her unprotected swimming pool. I retrieved his body and drove hi to my son’s apartment. Never have I experienced such agony as so watched my son grieve over the loss of his best friend, the one thing that helped him overcome the pain inflicted upon him by his biological father during my hellacious divorce. My heart was shattered and it remains so today, for not only did I love that dog as my very own, I was entrusted with his care and I had failed my son not once but twice. I had failed to protect him from hurt and anguish and I believed then that I was a very poor mother. Several days later, I sat thinking of how I was going to move forward without my adopted wolf-boy and wanting him to know how sorry I was for what happened and asking for forgiveness when I heard a sound which was all too familiar. Huskies do not bark, instead, they make a yodeling sound. I heard the sound from the back of the mouse and as I went in search of it, I met my mother. She had heard it as well. We went into the den to find one of Niko’s favorite toys in the middle of the loveseat. He was okay, and from that day forward I began to forgive myself and to heal. So, I know that God does send guardian angels to watch over us and protect us. I enjoyed your story and it is just one of the many miracles He does proved to us if we will only believe in Him. I am so glad your angels protected you, my friend! The world is a better place with you in it!


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