Conspiracy: The Truth Will Be Revealed

Soon everyone will see what is really taking place in the world and specifically America. The people that appear to be in control are not who they seem to be and the truth will be revealed soon. The truth that what has taken place and the potential takeover of the American way with these crazy […]

Spirit Chronicles: New World Order

I dreamed about a new world order and the plot and plan to take over all countries by four of the Largest military countries in the world. They began the process of dismantling the largest and strongest countries in the world using social media, large print media and news stations. They fed lies and deciet […]

Are You Ready for the Storm

We are facing a storm folks. One that is sweeping the world and soon to come to pass. A storm of Biblical proportions that I have seen in many visions and dreams. A storm that will cleanse the wicked and free the good. A storm that was predicted thousands of years ago in the Bible. […]

Spirit Chronicles: Mom and Dad

I dreamed I was sitting on the couch at my Nannys house and my dad was sitting to my left. He was wearing his favorite grey sweatshirt and shorts. He had his bed slippers on and was rubbing his beard like he alwayd did. My mom was sitting on my right beside me and was […]

Americana: Football, Family, Friends and Faith

Three of my favorite things in the world are football, family and faith. If I was to sort them properly it would really be Faith, Family, Friends and Football. All four of these things have been part of my life since I was a small child playing ball in the back yard trying to tackle […]

What If?

What if is a small phrase with powerful meaning. It can be used in both a positive and negative tone and meaning. Lots of people, especially parents are “whatifers”. You may ask, what is a “whatifer” coach? I would tell you that my definition is the thought process of what may or may not happen […]

Mark 3:25-26

I had a dream last night and it was shocking and woke me up. I dreamed I saw an old friend named Mark and then looked at my watch and it was 3:25. I had been praying for my community, North Carolina and America to turn away from evil influences and seek God. I write […]

Conspiracy Theory- Hidden Continents

I am writing today about a dream I had about two hidden continents that very few governments are aware of. There are parts of the Earth has yet to be settled, explored or seen by plane, train or automobile. I dreamed about a land of the lost. Almost like the old television show that came […]

Spirit Chronicles: The Virus

I dreamed about a virus that infected millions of people all over the world. It was a man made virus that was created by people in power to control the population of the world. Those in power had come to realize that they were slowly losing contol of people and needed a way to gain […]

Spirit Chronicles: Light Warriors vs Legion of Vampires

I dreamed I was a small soldier about the size of a GI Joe. I was in a war with vampires and killed many hundreds of them along side my peers. One by one the vampires and soldiers were slaughtered on the battle field. These vampires were also very small but powerful and hungry. As […]


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